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NEW DIGITAL WORLD ORDER : NO - THE ESTABLISHED WORLD ORDER is not crumbling down. Nor does it need to be under contemporary circumstances. What is changing is its functionality and dynamic posturing under the galloping speed of engineering and innovation and technological advancements.

For about 400 years, nation states have been the prime actors in world affairs. That is not the case today, as a handful of global technology giants contest them on the global stage for significant global sway.

Regional politics and territorial sovereignty is being replaced with chip geopolitics and semiconductor sovereignty. Geopolitical poles in the post-war world have been significantly eclipsed by the virtual poles created by Big Tech.

Long dubbed as technology companies, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter, alongwith Chinese technology syndicates such as Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance and Huawei, have now taken command of almost every aspect of social, economic and national security that were long considered the exclusive domain of the state.

Owing to significant influence over the technologies and services they provide, these companies, and like them from around the world, are leading the contemporary global digital revolution and, in future, will conclude how states proffer their economic and military prowess and reshape the social contract.

On account of this, time is now to ponder over the novel idea asserting digital non-state actors - big tech enterprises - as parallel to states; in evolving digital world order, they are not merely apparatus in the sole control of governments.

Beyond the outreach of government regulators, technology conglomerates govern the virtually created digital space with a sense of sovereignty. Though facing multiple curbs on their ability to perform, technology giants have become significant players in geopolitical competition.

Besides responding to their domestic quarters, they have considerably developed foreign relations independently. Based on emerging competition, it seems forces of nationalism, globalism and idealism are shaping tech firms' international postures as globalist, nationalist and techno-utopian corporations.

So, correspondingly, three scenarios for the future are in making : technology companies serving the interest of their states ; or the Big tech governing the digital space to the exclusivity of national governments, crossing national boundaries freely and unfolding itself as a real global power; or supremacy of statist architecture of governance coming to an end, with techno-elite dispensing the responsibility of delivering goods and services once provided by the former only.

Policymakers in power corridors of famous capitals are keenly observing the emerging digital layout where interaction between these ultra-modern geopolitical actors is finally going to construct socio-economic dynamics of the 21st century.

HISTORICALLY - EAST INDIA COMPANY AND BIG OIL were private organizations that played a significant role in geopolitics. But, their outstretch and influence, compared to that of modern tech enterprises, were very limited to some specific territories.

Currently, the toolbox at the disposal of technology giants is unique and comprehensive. That is why the states find it very difficult to hold onto them. Reining in the thought patterns of billions of people and affecting their livelihood, relationship and security are very different competencies from just wielding political power in the capitals.

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