A Bloody Love Story : Some will know Dana Schwartz as the host of the Noble Blood podcast, where she tells stories of royals past; others through the parody Twitter account @GuyinYourMFA, which she started as a college student in 2013.

There are also her books - among them her globetrotting YA debut And We're Off and a misadventure filled memoir. Choose Your Own Disaster.

Her Latest, a YA novel that mixes the historical and supernatural, is the romance Schwartz wanted to read when she was growing up, complete with an ambitious heroine, a swoony first love and plenty of gore.

'' Anatomy : A Love Story '' follows Hazel Sinnett, a noblewoman in 1817 Edinburgh who dreams of becoming a surgeon.

In need of cadavers to study, she teams up with resurrection man Jack Currer to practice on the dead and living alike.

But as live patients begin arriving with missing limbs, Hazel and Jack realize there's a sinister force at work in the city.

Anatomy may technically be a romance, but the real love story is between Hazel and surgery. That's just one of the notes Schwartz hits that feels a little more earnest than the snarky writer who first broke out on Twitter.

''I'm writing for my teenage self, and part of being a teenager is this weird optimism that you can do anything in the world,'' Schwartz says.

''That's the feeling I'm trying to capture.'' - [Simmone Shah].


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