Headline, December 20 2019/ '' ' WEB -TIM BERNERS-LEE- WIN ' ''

'' ' WEB - 


 - WIN ' ''


To decide what kind of a world they wish to help build for themselves and for the future generations of mankind with humanity.

The World Students Society rises to give the Students of India a standing ovation, and assure them  of our total vigilance, highest best wishes, esteemed regards and honours.

AND THEN : THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY RISES - to give the users of the World Wide Web a standing ovation-

And assure them of our servings for The Rule of Law, The Rule of Law, and THE RULE OF LAW.

MY PARENTS WERE MATHEMATICIANS. My mother helped code one of the stored - program computers - the Manchester Mark 1.

They taught me that when you program a computer, what you can do is limited only by your imagination.
That excitement for experimentation and change helped me build the WORLD WIDE WEB.

I had hoped for 30 years from its creation, we would be using the web foremost for the purpose of serving humanity.

Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and the world of open source software, and [and The World  Students Society, SIR!, most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!, the world over, SIR!] are the kinds of constructive tools that I hoped would flow from the web.

However, the reality is much more complex.

Communities are being ripped apart as prejudice, hate and disinformation are peddled online. Scammers use the web to steal identities, stalkers use it to harass and intimidate their victims, and bad actors subvert democracy using clever digital tactics.

The use of targeted political ads in the United States 2020 presidential campaign and elections elsewhere threatens once again to undermine voters understanding and choices.

We're at a tipping point. How we respond to this abuse will determine whether the web lives up to its potential as a global force for good or leads us into a digital dystopia.

The web needs radical intervention from all those who have power over its future : governments that can legislate and regulate; companies that design products; civil society groups and activists who hold the powerful to account; and every single web user who interacts with others online.

We've to overcome the stalemate that has characterized previous attempts to solve the problems facing the web. Governments must stop blaming platforms for inaction, and companies must become more constructive in shaping future regulation - not just opposing it.

I'm introducing a new approach to overcome that stalemate - the Contract for the Web. The Contract  for the Web is a global plan of action created over the past years by activists, academics, companies, governments and citizens from all across the world to make sure our online world is safe, empowering and genuinely for everyone.

The contract outlines steps to prevent the deliberate misuse of  the web and our information. For example, it calls on governments to public data registeries, so that they are no longer able to conceal from their own citizens how their data is being used.

If governments are sharing our data with private companies - or buying the data broker lists from them - we have the right to know and take action. 

''The contract sets out ways to improve system designs to eradicate incentives that reward clickbait  or the spread of disinformation.''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The World Wide Web, continues.

The World Students Society thanks most respectfully the inventor of The World Wide Web, and co-founder of the World Wide Web Foundation : Tim Berners-Lee.

With respectful dedication to the Scientists, Inventors, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter !E-WOW! The Ecosystem : 2011:

''' Sum To Sum '''

Good Night and God Bless

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