Where do you think he got so funny?

A superstar in Quebec with a growing global following, the comedian Sugar Sammy, relishes returning to Montreal after touring.

''I love living here because it's a big city, but not so big that you feel lost,'' said the 43-year-old Montreal native, who was born Samir Khuillar.

''You can still find quiet, human moments .''

FLUENT AND FUNNY IN English, french, Hindi and Punjabi, the performer has been conquering audiences around the world by riffing on politics.

The son of Indian immigrants, he credits his border-crossing schtick to his upbringing here.

''Everyone I knew growing up spoke at least three languages,'' he said.

Sugar Sammy will tour France, Britain and Belgium this winter. Here, he shares two treasured Montreal spots.

MOUNT ROYAL PARK : The 470-acre Mount Royal Park - designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and named for the mountains it surrounds - is a verdant emblem of Montreal.

''It's an oasis and a jewel,'' Sammy said.

;;It's our version of Central Park, but better. There's a lake, a chalet and a lookout beautiful views. Whenever I'm home, I spend time with my parents there, walking and catching up.

I also go there to take a break, think and clear my mind.''


While this leather-goods label now has outposts in China, Japan and the United States, it maintains its original locations in an airy storefront on the hip of Boulevard St-Laurent.

''It's still Montreal-owned and Montreal-created , and the owners make sure the quality's really good,'' Sammy said.

''For the stage I asked them to make a jacket inspired by Elvis's 1968 comeback TV special, but in a thinner leather so I don't sweat. I still wear it.

The World Students Society thanks author Michael Kaminer.


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