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AS THE WORLD CROONS AND CRUMBLES - under, injustices, deprivation. all divides, poverty, climate, illiteracy, wars, nuclear annihilation, over population...............

SINCE CLASS WARFARE WAS WON by Capitalism's more mutable disposition, today's New Left taking the cue from Marcuse replaced class conflict with -

Conflicts between genders and races and between marginality and the mainstream. Interestingly, this paradigm is being described by political scientists as form of political tribalism which, ironically, is being mirrored by the new populist right as well.

IN AN ESSAY FOR THE JULY 1979 issue of Social Scientist. KL Julka wrote that the New Left  intellectuals confessed to the failure of -
Marxian view of capitalism and its relation to human behavior without agreeing that capitalism had proven to be the more successful and enduring idea.

Instead, after unloading the more materialistic and 'scientific' musings of Marxism, Marcuse and his New Left contemporaries, inspired by the Frankfurt School ofwhich Marcuse was a leading light, incorporated theories of the German psychologist Sigmund Freud, to form a new socialist understanding of capitalism.

According to Freud. humans were inherently irrational and that their 'natural' irrational impulses [the 'id'] are kept in check by 'artificial' means of civility. He went on to claim that man's irrational nature was not entirely suppressed by this 'artificial' civility. It often seeped out in the shape of phobias and neuroses.

Similarly, to Marcuse and his New Left comrades, the overall economic contentment found in industrialised nations was an 'artificial construct'  shaped by capitalism which suppressed man's inherent 'natural spirit' to be more dynamic and revolutionary.

IN HIS 1964 BOOK : One-Dimensional Man, Marcuse tried to demonstrate how, instead of understanding capitalism through materialistic Marxian rationalism, it needed to be looked at psychologically, because capitalism was now largely about 'psychological repression'.

In A Critique of Pure Tolerance [written with RP Wolff and Barrington Moore] and in An Essay on Liberation, Marcus wrote that, just as the suppressed irrational seeps out as phobias and neurosis, in capitalist societies it emerges in the shape of marginality.

He claimed that the idea of democratic tolerance in capitalist societies was fake and could be unmasked for what it really was, if those on the margin are activated against it.

Therefore, Marcuse and many of his New Left contemporaries encouraged young radicals to draw inspiration from those on the margins and indulge in purposefully irrational and offensive behavior to blow the lid of 'repressive tolerance'.

Hicks believed that this thinking largely inspired the youth radicalism of the 1960s and the urban radical outfits of the 1970s, before they were eventually consumed by their own anarchic fire.

However, as he and political theorists such as Alex Callinicos and British journalist Francis Wheen have repeatedly observed, the New Left's ideas in this context were salvaged by former leftist thinkers such as Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, Edward Said and others.

Hicks and Callinicos are of the view that the aim of such intellectuals were similar to those of Marcuse and the early New Left thinkers.

They migrated the New Left's relativist and psychological critique of capitalism to a new period by actually making intellectual vagueness 'hip'.

For example, as Derrida believed, if you unpeel a text [deconstructionism] you will reveal more layers. Therefore, there is no truth, so this too is a lie and thus a contradiction, but so be it   

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