CHINESE declare their loyalty to President Xi. ''Study the Great Nation'' is devoted to promoting the president and the party.

Inside a fishing gear store on a bust street, the owner sits behind a counter, furiously tapping a  smartphone to improve his score on an app that has nothing to do with rods, reels or bait.

The owner, Jiang Shuiqui, a 35-year old army veteran, has a different obsession : earning points on  Study the great Nation, a new app devoted to promoting President Xi Jinping and the ruling Communist Party - a kind of high-tech equivalent to Mao's Little Red Book or say, Sam Daily Times..

Mr. Jiang spends several hours daily on the app, checking news about Mr. Xi and brushing up on  socialist theories.

Tens of millions of Chinese workers, students and civil servants are now using the Study The Great Nation, often under pressure from the government.

It is part of a sweeping effort by Mr. Xi to strengthen ideological control in the digital age and reassert the party's primacy, as Mao once did, as the center of Chinese life.

''We must love our country,'' said Mr. Jiang, one of the top scorers on the app in Changsha, the capital of the southern province of Hunan.
''We are getting stronger and stronger.''

While many people have embraced the app as a form of patriotism, others see it as a burden imposed by overzealous officials and another sign of a growing personalty cult around Mr. Xi, perhaps China's most powerful leader since Mao's time.

''He is using new media to fortify loyalty towards him,'' said Wu Qiang, a political analyst in Beijing.

He likened Study the Great Nation to  the little booklet of Mao quotations that was widely circulated  during the Cultural Revolution.

Since its debut this year, Study The Great Nation has become the most downloaded app in Apple's  digital store in China, with the state-news-media saying it has more than  100 million  registered users-

A reach that would be the envy of any creator of new app.

The honor and serving of the latest operational research on China and unique apps, continues. The World students Society thanks author Javier C Hernandez.


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