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SPORTING AN EMPLOYABILITY FOR ALL MODEL........ time enough to go through the rigors of some real crazy, grand ''intellectual research and thinking''  :

''Merium, Rabo, Dee, Zilli, Saima, Haleema, Hussain, Aqsa - can you all suggest a timing and a way, for me to get the O''Captain to consider -

Sending over 100,000 Students to China, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, South Korea, Singapore, for a few months of ''intensive internship'', to view and understand Basic Business, Agriculture, Trading and Manufacturing techniques.''

''Rabo, Zilli, Dee, Hussain, can you a work up a ''Real Model'' for the entire Developing World? The type of model we could apply right across the world.

Recognising Greatness................

PERHAPS - JUST PERHAPS....................

YOU HAVE Seen news stories about international studies that evaluate countries on their levels of happiness, equality, health, openness, freedom, opportunity, and being a good place to live.

In just about every one of these rankings, the top countries turn to be the Nordic nations of  Scandinavia.

The World Students Society rises to give them a standing ovation and wish them : their leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers  our very best wishes and honors..

They are the places where life expectancy tops the charts, where interpersonal trust and personal happiness abound, where people free and secure, where health quality and quality of life are at their highest-

Where education is topnotch and free [or very inexpensive].

Where innovation and invention are widespread, where up ward social mobility is most possible and most frequent, where crime and violence are low, and where poverty and inequality are minimal.

In other words, the Nordic nations are an obvious place to look for ''best, greatest, and pristine practices'' 

The best general term to describe the Nordic system is ''social democracy, a term that is not often heard in the United States.

Social democracy defines and describes a system of democratic governance where the goal of government is to provide security and freedom for all by actively intervening in the economic marketplace to promote economic and social growth and distribution in ways that benefit everyone.

The most important common characteristics of social democracy include an economic marketplace where goods and services are traded, the rule of law, real political democracy where-

Where wealth does not equate with political power, strong labor unions, and economic cooperatives, and universal programs that provide the necessities of secure life to all.

The result is a society that builds trust, respect, and civic involvement because people feel secure and free and they are aware that their situations stem from the policies and institutions that they have created together.

The Honor and serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Greatest Practices, and Great countries, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Thomas Meisenhelder.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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