CHROME 75 : End to opt-out of site isolation : Unveiled in late 2017 within Chrome 63, Site isolation, is a defensive technology that segregates pages from different sites into different processes.

Each process runs in a ''sandbox'' that restricts what the process can do, all as a part of scheme to isolate malware from the browser as a whole and the device's overarching OS.

Site isolation was enabled in stages until the mid-2018 it was enabled for virtually all Chrome users.

At that point, only managed devices were able to opt-out. As of Chrome 75 - currently scheduled to ship June 4 - that will end.

''We've resolved the  reported issues and starting with Chrome 75, we will remove the ability to opt out of site location on desktop using the SitePerProcess or IsolateOriginsPolicies,'' Google said.

Chrome 75 : Version Rollback: Google will add a browser roll-back process for enterprises that want to retreat to an older version of Chrome, the company said as it named the target.

''Chrome 75 on Windows will  include a  a policy that allows administrators to roll back to a previous version of Chrome,'' Google said.

The functionality will be available only to  customers using Windows  groups policies to mange Chrome.

''Add to RollbackToTargetVersion app policy to allow enterprise administrators to enable a rollback in conjunction with the existing TargetVersionPrefix policy,'' Google stated.

The most likely reason for wanting to roll back Chrome to an earlier version would because the latest browser caused problems, perhaps a mission-critical app compatibility or working issue.

Google was adamant that a roll-back should be last ditch effort by enterprise IT. ''

This policy is meant as an emergency mechanism and should be used with caution,'' the company said.
''If you roll back to an earlier version, you will expose your users to known security issues. Use this policy at your own risk.''

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