Headline May 05, 2019/ ''' 'GREATEST NORDIC GROOVES' '''


HAPPINESS - EQUALITY - HEALTH - openness, justice - and with the 'Greatest of Practices' -nothing will ever be able to beat The World Students Society : !WOW!

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY STOPS - and yet again rises to give the Nordic nations of Scandinavia a standing ovation and has the honor to -

To invite all their Leaders, great Nordic citizens, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers to consider Great Global Elections and ''register'' on : wssciw.blogspot.com

Voluntary, Sacrificing, stressed, beating all the odds, the ''Founders of the World Students Society'',  and the Students of the entire world, roll up their sleeves, for taking the world forward.

In a sporting view of life, the students of Proud Pakistan must understand that it would take over 5 years before they can enjoy the great fruits of a world class governance.

On the rest of the developing world, let me just hold my breath, for a little while. But The World Students Society, will get back to them.

In Proud Pakistan, a country led by a formidable and a very loved leader
O'' Captain Imran Khan, around 21 percent of citizens are married off before reaching the age of 19.

A sad reality in a country which desperately needs to protect the rights of its women and children.

Simply but very respectfully put : O'' Captain has to triple his efforts, and forget about resting, in these many,  many years ahead, before he can find true traction for great governance, to create a more hospitable environment for our great women and splendid girls.

The World Students Society, has the honor to assure the O''Captain of its highest esteemed regards and total unflinching support.

And O''Captain, it would be wise to remember that nothing great gets accomplished without The World Students Society, for every subject in the world.

THE MOST important common characteristics of a social democracy include an economic marketplace where goods and services are traded, the rule of law, real political democracy where -

Where wealth does not equate to political power, strong labor unions, and economic cooperatives, and universal social programs that provide the necessities of a secure life to all.

The result is a society that builds trust, respect, and civic involvement because people feel secure and free and they are aware that their situations stem from the policies and institutions that they have created together.

A Key ''best practice'' is conducting politics through a national dialogue between citizens intended to produce best-operating standards for markets, workplaces and other economic institutions.

Still, business remains privately owned and operated. In other words, social democracies organize  and regulated the marketplace, but they do not replace it.

Unions are strong players in the national drama and benefit from from rules that require employee participation in private and public economic decision-making .

Wages and working conditions are negotiated, not mandated.

A final important economic role of the government is to look to the country's long range future,  directing resources to areas of  innovation and growth.

The basic notion here is that the market is a good and fair distributor of resources and opportunities only when it is guided by a set of cultural norms and legal rules aimed at justice and equity for all.

In addition, the Nordic social democracies have learned that some needs and resources must be removed from the marketplace and distributed more fairly and equitably by public institutions.

They agree that housing, food, health, education, access to leisure and the arts, and the like should not depend solely on how much income and wealth one has.

Social democracies operate according to the rule law.  Private property and private contracts are protected by the government.

Profits and incomes are taxed progressively to fund social programs, like parental leave, early childhood education and childcare, universal healthcare, and free education.

[In including higher education] that benefits everyone from the very rich to the less well off.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all prepare for Great Global Elections and ''register'' on : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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