LONDON : A new GSMA study revels that 80 per cent of women in low and middle income countries are now mobile owners.

According to GSMA's 2019 Mobile Gender Gap Report released Feb 20, mobile is the primary means of Internet access in these markets, where 48 percent of women use mobile to get online.

However, despite the growth in connectivity, the gender gap in mobile ownership is not closing. Women remain 10 percent less likely than men to own a mobile phone in low and middle income countries, and 23 percent less likely than men to use mobile Internet.

The mobile gender gap varies by region and country but is widest in South Asia where women are 28 percent less likely to use the mobile Internet.

''We are seeing significantly increased mobile access for women, however in an increasingly connected world, women are still being left behind,'' said Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA.

''While mobile connectivity is spreading quickly, it is not spreading equally. Unequal access to mobile technology threatens to exacerbate the inequalities women already experience.''

Mobile operators are taking action to address the mobile gender gap and leading an effort to to drive digital and financial inclusion for women. [AP]

The honor and serving of the latest global operational research on mobile phone usage and gender stats continues.


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