IN the recent past the waves of nationalisation strongly hit the shores of Italy as well. In the recent general elections the nationalist leader became the prime minister of Italy.

Although the right  five star party became one of the largest party in the house but was unable to get a  clear mandate and made a weak coalition government.

Now one of the priority of  nationalist government of Italy is to separate Italy from from the European Union or at least to form a loose alliance perhaps with a more weak union.

The new Italian Prime Minister is critical about the European Union's policy on on refugees and was not ready to give passage to refugees even to cross the Italian soil to their final destination to other European countries.

IT seems  that  Putin wants to regain the old glory of Russia. During his 20 year rule, he has made  Russia  once again one of the greatest powers in the world.

Putin's success for the second term in the recent presidential elections of Russia was in fact not a surprise for his allies and enemies who already knew his prior geopolitical strategies.

Now Russia is playing an important role in regional and international politics. In fact Russia has not only proved itself victorious on the  Ukrainian front but also at the same time, defeating the  United States and its European allies in the region.

The critics think that after the Arab-Israeli wars Russia gained ground in the Middle East by supporting the Assad regime in Syria.

President Bashar al Assad remains victorious on many fronts with the help of Russian air raids and he is also one of the regional actors backed by several stakeholders in the region.

In other words, president Assad's victory is in fact the victory and defeat of many regional and international players as well.

Assad was also  fully supported by one of his regional allies, Iran and the  pro-Iranian militant group Hezbollah. On the other hand the  United States, Arab States, and Turkey seemed a bit reluctant in supporting the weak Syrian opposition.

The strong Russian position in the  Syrian conflict forced the regional and global actors to review their  foreign policy  choices as well.  It also forced Turkey to review its foreign policy choices in regional perspective. Now it seems Turkey is coming close to Russia.

Russia has already proven itself as one of the military mights in the world after the United States.

Although the Russian economy is still not very strong, but due to the oil and gas resources, they have the capacity for consistent development. On the other hand, Russia has proven to be one of the key players in the Afghan process as well.

The honor and serving of the latest operational research  on The State of the  World, continues. The World Society thanks author and researcher Professor Kamran James, Department of Political Science.


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