Headline February 28, 2018/ '' ' DATA HOGS DUMP' ''


A DIGITAL SPREE, and then the very long delayed, but inevitable elusive purge

Think about the digital junk we hoard, like the tens of thousands of photos bloating our smartphones  or the backlog of files cluttering our computer drives, such as old work presentations, expense receipts and screenshots we have not opened in years.

Why are people terrible about tech hoarding? Here's a guide to tidying up your technology physically and digitally, including tips from professional organizers.

Hide Exposed Wires : Even if you find a place to stash your spare cables, you probably have a few plugged in all day. To tidy them up, there are methods to hide the wires or, at the very least, keep them off the floor.

Mr. Bartolomei recommended using twisty wires and rubber-bands to keep wires wrapped around furniture, like desk legs.

There are also products for bundling up and concealing wires, like fabric sleeves or boxes that cover your surge protector.

My approach to keeping wires off the ground is to run them through magnetic buckles that onto a metal side table.

How To Resist Digital Hoarding : Tidying up your digital media may not feel worthwhile because your files are not visible in the real world. Yet holding on to all the data takes up valuable space on devices while also making important files more difficult to find.

The professionals recommended a process of purging and labeling what's left. Here's how it would work.

Do An Annual Clearance Of Files : To streamline this process on a computer, open a folder and sort the files when they were last opened. From there, you can immediately eliminate the files you have not opened in years.

On your smartphone, prune unnecessary apps that are taking up space.

On iPhone, Apple offers the tool iPhone Storage, which shows a list of apps that take up the most data and when they were last used; on Android devices Google offers a similar tool called Files.

From here, you can home in on the data hogs and delete the apps you have not touched in months.

Manage Your Enormous Photo Library : Eradicating photos is the most challenging process, the professional organizers agreed, because the thought of deleting your memories may be painful.

But photos are some of the biggest data hogs of all, so some periodic maintenance is crucial.

Start by trimming out the easy : duplicate photos, blurry shots and old screen shots.

Then move on to the harder part : deleting the photos that were decent but not not your favorites.

Mr. Bartolomei said people could look at each photo and ask themselves a few questions : ''Is this something you want to see again? Does it make you happy?  Do you want to spend more time with this photo in the future?''

If you answer no to any of these questions, the photos can probably go into the trash bin.

My approach to managing digital  photos is to purge everything without doing any organization at all. I use Google Photos, which automatically backs each shot to the cloud, compiles photos into albums and includes a tool for removing images from the device.

[I also back up all my photos to an external drive in case I ever became unhappy with Google Photos.] Then I erase all the photos from my iPhone every six months and Google $2 a month to mange thousands of my photos at full resolution.

Whatever approach you take, don't skimp on tidying up your data. Even if it doesn't use up physical room, it can still cause you harm.

''It takes up so much psychic space and brings up the same negative effect : anxiety,'' Ms. Fortin said. ''Since we all have our phones in our pockets, we're toting our clutter around with us.''

With respectful dedication to all the users of  digital connectivity, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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