TONGA'S two-week spell of virtual cyber darkness has ended, with authorities announcing Sunday  that full Internet services had been restored to the Pacific island kingdom.

''Welcome back to Internet hashtagTonga. We are happy to report fiber cut is repaired and Tonga is back online,'' Network Atlas, which maps the world's submarine and terrestrial networks, tweeted.

The Pacific island nation of 110,000 people, which relies happily on the Internet for daily supplies  and vital tourist earning - was plunged into virtual cyber darkness when the sole cable providing a digital link to the outside world was  severed.

For two weeks, until cable repair ship Reliance restored the link one last Saturday, Tonga has survived  on a small, locally operated satellite service to maintain limited international phone services and to process credit card payments.

Social media sites including Facebook and YouTube were blocked to allow essential activities to continue.

''We woke up to pretty good news this morning,'' Tonga government spokesman Lopeti Senituli told Radio New Zealand.

''It's been two quiet weeks, so people are catching up on the gossip and the what-have-yous''.

Chamber of Commerce president  Paula Taumopeau said businesses were hard hit by the blackout  while  banks were unable to process money transfers for families who rely on income from relatives working overseas.

''Some of the suppliers couldn't get their orders out in time, regular orders didn't happen. There was a lot of  disruption and we're hoping things are back to normal on Monday,'' Taumoepeau said. [Agencies]


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