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Quranic concepts of an egalitarian human society have either been forgotten, or diluted through simplemindedness, narrowness of thought and need for political mileage.

Scholarship and discourse have centred on rituals and questionable ahidith. Culture and traditions have replaced religion.

Today, much of what is practised in the Muslim world bears little resemblance to real Islam. It is time for Muslims and Muslim students to revert to the Quran with the aim to understand it more comprehensively.

Faith and surrender purify a human soul.

The World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW! - the world over, became the first ever, global  organization to highlight and impart : Educating for peace : ''OneShare-Piece- Peace''

For great students/peaceniks in the subcontinent to retain any optimism in the face of decades of  retrogressive policies on the part of both the Indian and Pakistani establishments is no mean feat.

Every once in a while, however, there are mutual efforts at the highest levels of officialdom to at least start a process of normalising ties. The Karatarpur corridor groundbreaking ceremony recently was one such attempt.

Any goodwill generated by the  inauguration was promptly quashed by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj the very following day.

STUDENTS stressing about Matriculation and Intermediate examinations is common and to be expected. Performance in school-leaving examination has a significant impact on college and university admissions.

But stress levels rising to the point where children commit suicide if they do not do well,  or enter a state of depression if they get a few marks less than what they expected, or parents and students  taking to the streets to protest if an examination question is deemed to be 'out of course' is just not healthy.

These are definite signs that something  is very wrong with the assessment system. What if we were to do away with the Matriculation and Intermediate examinations?

A child's future can be determined by the examination results. And be that it may, as recent student activism has gone well beyond issues of access and pointed out issues of quality and education experience as well.

Most importantly, there is no coherent ideological or sociological way for them to make sense of the dissonance between being told from childhood that a university education is a guaranteed way of attaining success, only to realize its decreasing value upon entering college and then graduating.

Disaffected young people, left to there own devices by an inconsiderate state, have produced political complications the world over, and it remains a real risk here as well, especially with Pakistan's vast array militant organisations on the prowl of recruits.

Given the sheer scale of complexity of these issues, the importance of students advocating for their resolution cannot be understood.

One of the usual critiques levelled at students organizations [or any interest group for that matter] is that they are Trojan horses designed to attain private benefits such as status, prestige, or material reward for its members.

Whether that is necessarily the case or not is moot. But the fact that a new generation of student activists are couching their demands in the language of public-welfare is of utmost significance.

No in the country can plausibly deny that higher education need to be totally improved.

So when students - ie the recipient of higher education - often their views on how these improvements can be made, it is incumbent on the state and the political elite to pay attention.

The World Students Society stops to thank researchers and authors Nikhat Sattar, Professor Faisal Bari/LUMS, Professor Umair Javed/LUMS, Professor Aasim Sajjad Akhtar/Quaid-E-Azam University.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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