Headline December 11, 2018/ '' ' WINNING WISDOM ' ''


EDUCATION-TO-WORK expert Heather E. McGowan likes to say : ''Stop asking a young person  WHAT -

What you want to be when you grow up. It freezes their identity into a job that just may not be there.

THE NOTION THAT WE can go to college for four years and then spend that knowledge for the next 30 is very much over.

If you want to be a lifelong employee anywhere in the world today, you have to be a lifelong learner.

Consider : ''Owning your own future''.

PALO ALTO, CALIF : political analysts will long debate over where Brexit, Trump and Le Pen came from. Many say income gaps......  I'd say.....not quite.

I'd say income anxiety and the stress over what it mow takes to secure and hold a good job.

I believe the acceleration set loose by Silicon Valley in technology and digital globalization have created a world where every decent job demands more skill and, now, lifelong learning .

More people can't keep up, and clearly some have reached for leaders who promise to stop the wind.

Let me elaborate through a few conversations with, starting with Brian Kirzanich, the C.E.O of Intel, who recently remarked to me : ''I believe my grandchildren will not drive.''

Since he has teenage daughters, that means self-driving vehicles should be fully deployed in 25 years, at which time you won't ''steer'' your car but will program it on a smartphone or watch or glasses.

Sounds like fun - unless you're one of the millions who drive a truck or a cab for a living.

But don't think you're safe as an accountant, either.

Mark Bohr, Intel's senior fellow for technology explained to me that Intel's main workhorse  microprocessor today is the 14-nanometer chip it introduced in 2014. It packs 37.5 million transistors per square millimeter.

By the end of 2017, thanks to Moore's Law, Intel will begin producing a 10-nm chip that will pack    ''100 million transistors per square millimeter - more than double the previous density with less heat and power usage,'' said Bohr.

If you think machines are smart today........wait a year. It's this move from 14-nm to 16-nm chips that will help enable automakers to shrink the brain of a self-driving car - a brain that has to take in sensor data from 360 degrees and-

And instantly process whether it's a dog, a human, a biker or another car - from something that fills a whole trunk to a small box under the front seat, so these cars can scale. 

When you get that much processing power, putting out that much data exhaust with ever-improving software, you create a world where we can analyze, prophesize and optimize with a precision unknown in human history.

We can see trends we never saw, predict when engine parts will break and replace them before they so, with great savings, and we can optimize everything - from the most energy saving flight path for an airplane to the ideal drilling path for a natural gas well.

I recently visited the control room at Devon Energy, a large oil and gas producer, in Oklahoma City. It's half a floor of computer screens displaying data coming out of every well Devon is drilling around the world.

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