Rohingya Refugee Releases

Bangladesh's refugee camps are on the brink of ''public health disaster,'' Doctors Without Borders [MSF] have warned, saying that filthy water and faeces filthy water flow through shanties-

Now bursting with Rohinyga Muslims who have fled terrible,...... terrible violence in Myanmar.

More than 420,000 Rohinyga Muslims have overwhelmed Bangladesh's Cox Bazar in under a month, seeking refugee following an army-led crackdown across the border in Myanmar's Rakhine state, which the UN has described as ''ethnic cleansing''.

The weary and wounded have shocked the world with stories of Myanmar soldiers and Buddhist mobs driving them out of their homes with rape, gunshots and arson.

Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, there are dire shortages of nearly all forms of relief in what has become one of the world's largest refugee settlements.

MSF on Thursday warned that a  ''massive scale-up of  humanitarian aid is needed in Bangladesh  to avoid terrible sufferings and public health disaster.''


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