By: Zainab

Big Western brands continue polluting oceans with cheap plastic in Philippines, Greenpeace has revealed. Naming :

Nestle, Unilever and Procter & Gamble among the very worst offenders.

The environmental group ranked the Philippines as the ''third worst polluter into the world's oceans after China and Indonesia in a report released the Friday in Manila.

Single-use plastics from products sold by conglomerates, such as bags bottle labels, and straws, stood out during a week-long Greenpeace clean-up campaign held on Manila bay this month, it said.

More than 54,200 pieces of plastic were recovered from the bay world in total, including some 9,000 from Nestle products -the most frequently seen brand, according to the tally kept by the group.

''These corporations are the missing piece in the  global fight against plastic pollution,'' Greenpeace campaigner Abigail Aguilar said in a statement.

Greenpeace said plastic waste was a particularly serious problem in.......... ''sachet economies''  like the Philippines and other developing countries, where people on limited incomes are pushed to buy cheap goods in small quantities.


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