Mexico Quake Misery

Mexico City : Tent village and after Tent village sprouted next to severely damaged many a apartment complex in southern Mexico City on Friday, a new home for residents left homeless by Mexico's deadliest earthquake in a generation.

They were given a series of  20 minute windows by authorities in which to go their original homes to gather their belongings.

Two of the roughly 30 apartment buildings that make up the Girasoles complex collapsed after last Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude quake.

A hand written sign across the street listed 14 people said to have died there.

The tremor killed at least 286 people and leveled some 52 buildings in the capital, sparking a desperate hunt for survivors and prompting political parties to outdo each other with generosities ahead of next year's election.

!WOW! wishes the people, Students, Professors and Teachers Of Mexico City all wishes and prayer for their terrible ordeal to end.


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