Hong Kong: Student Protest Leaders Sentenced To Prison

Three prominent student leaders of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have been sentenced to several months of jail on Thursday.

On Sunday thousands of students took to streets of the city to denounce the court decision.

The protesters say the courts are influenced by the government.

Protesters brandished a large banner saying: "It's not a crime to fight against totalitarianism." They shouted: "Release all political prisoners. Civil disobedience. We have no fear. We have no regrets."

Joshua Wong, 20, will serve six months in prison, Nathan Law, 24, eight months, Alex Chow, 26, seven months and all becoming ineligible to run for elected office for five years.

Last year they were found guilty of unlawful assembly and inciting people to participate in it and were handed light penalties but the prosecutors then appealed it for harsher penalties.


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