Headline August 22, 2017/ ''' FAILING -TECH- FEMALES '''


WILL WOMEN HAVE ANY INPUT IN THE HIRING PROCESS?  Will the interview panels be diverse?

Will the current female employees be available to speak to candidates about their own experience? 

Many, many times, the answer to each of these questions is NO, and the resistance to make simple changes in these areas is damn striking. 

Do you agree : Merium? Rabo? Haleema? Dee? Saima?  Sarah? Eman? Zilli?  Armeen? Zainab?  

WELL-*YOU ALL- FEMALE-STUDENTS OF THE DEVELOPING  WORLD* Go and try Measuring the fathomless depth of  political discord-  

Take a closer look at all Conflict Indexes, inclusive of  Partisan Conflict, Indexes. Watch the corporations increase their cash holdings to seek greater safety-

And limit risk taking investments   -when all the political system of the world, seem just so dysfunctional,  job creation...... for you, would be an elusive dream

Your best foot forward is to join up The World Students Society-that belongs to every single female student of the world : 
One Share-Piece=Peace, 

Just as it belongs to every male student in the world :  One Share-Piece=Peace. 

But remember, nothing works, unless you have gone through your  Global Election Process,......   and elected your own representatives.  

Your best strategy should be to let the forest fires burn and with that give a Nod to the past, and roar into the future.

And then swell with pride. 

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Every corporation, the world over, needs to clearly communicate that their workplaces have culture where women are valued.

They need to show they're not places where attitudes like that of now -infamous Google engineer who wrote a memo questioning  women's fitness for  Tech Jobs  dominate. 

SO, AT FIRST,   -the executives balk at suggestions and even wonder if explicitly talking about the place of women is sexist.

But I remind them that when it comes to gender, *they have to play catch-up after long histories of eroding trust by grilling women about how they'll be able to do the job with children at home and years of negative stories in the press-

With tales of how women are mistreated at tech companies.

Candidates rightfully want assurances about whether the companies have improved -or whether they even care. Treating everyone the same won't accomplish that.

Silicon Valley companies are in love with themselves and don't understand why the love isn't always returned by the few women to whom they extend employment offers.

That's why they're so proud of  so-called  boomerangs    -candidates who have left a company for reasons that may or may not be related to how it treats women and, after advancing their current careers elsewhere, return.

Executives hope these employees will add to their diversity numbers and provide evidence that the company has evolved.

But even potential boomerangs are looked for hiring process hints that they'll be able to thrive.

They want to know, what policies  have changed for us?  Is the environment more inclusive?  Can I have a family without comprising my career?

When tech firms in Silicon Valley and beyond decide to proactively answer those questions as part of their regular processes, they've a chance to successfully recruit and hire more women.

I'm often asked which companies are getting diversity and inclusion right in Silicon Valley and across the country.

*Most aren't*.

But some are seeing small successes. 

Last year, we worked with a  company that set a goal that women would make up 50 percent of the engineers on one of its teams.

They did by holding a Webinar led by female employees, with 100 female candidates who asked questions about how the organisation was changing to become more inclusive to women.

They asked recruiters to follow up with the candidates to offer fuller responses and address other concerns. 

The company realised that it needed extra time to convince women that it truly valued them.

It worked.

The women hired through that effort are still at the company.  Now we're working with it to bring even more female engineers.     

When the next round of candidates show up for interviews, this is one place in tech that will have a story about an inclusive culture that it's proud to tell.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. 

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