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HOW TECHNOLOGY INTERVIEWS FAIL WOMEN - you will get to hear many, many stories, even on very regular basis. Zilli, can we maintain some elegant records on that? 

I am a co-founder of a company that helps clients find ways to diversify their work force, states author, Katharine Zaleski

We recently set up an interview at a major company for a  senior African-American woman software engineer.

After meeting with the  hiring panel,  she withdrew her application, telling us she felt  demeaned  by the  all white male group that failed to ask her any questions about her coding skills.

She described how one of the men had made it clear to her that she wasn't a cultural fit and that therefore they didn't need to proceed with technical questions.

I hear stories like this regularly, as I work with companies in Silicon Valley and beyond who want to bring more women  onto to their tech teams. 

Higher ups declare their intention to hire more women. But the actual hiring is still too rare.      

There's a continuing debate about the reasons for the lack diversity in the technology sector, including  candidate pools that are mostly male, and stubborn,    superficial notions-   Of what it means to be a ''cultural fit  for an organization-  

*The template for which is often based on young white men*. 

But at least one small component of this problem is  immediately solvable: Many companies are alienating qualified women who want to work for them, and who they want to hire,  during  the interview process itself.

While  Silicon Valley companies   are     enthusiastically putting money into STEM programs in schools and non-profits   focused on diversity, with the goal of creating a richer pipeline of talent in 10 years-

*They're missing opportunities to make simple, immediate improvements by changing how they communicate with women/students who are sitting across the table from them now*.

When my company is approached to help diversify some of  America's most gender-unbalanced tech teams, here's how it usually goes in the introductory meeting :

A well meaning executive boasts that his company has been financially supporting a number of   nonprofit coding organisations that aim to train female engineers.

He tells us he'll have a booth at  the Grace Hopper conference, the largest annual gathering of  women in technology.

He complains about how hard it is to ''move the needle''  on diversity numbers, especially when a staff is in the thousands.

But what the executives don't give as much thought to are some of the simplest determinants of how successful a company will be in hiring diverse candidates.

Will women have any input in the hiring process?    Will the interview panels be diverse?  

Will  current female employees  be available to speak to  candidates about their experience? 

Many times, the answer to each of these questions is no, and the resistance to make simple changes in these areas is striking.

My colleagues and I often see companies  work to make themselves appealing,  appealing to candidates by emphasizing perks  like :

Ping-Pong tables,  retreats and policies that let employees bring their dogs to work.

Those things can be appealing to candidates of any gender. But one size doesn't fit all..............

The Honor and Serving of the  Latest Operational Research on Gender issues, hiring policies, work place correctness continues.

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