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THE QUESTION FOR THE European Union's senior policymakers was simple and it came from a 12 year old  Maltese boy/student in a wheelchair.

''What is the  EU  doing about unaccompanied  [refugee]  children/students dying in the ocean?''

As Europe prepares for another summer of  increased sea-crossings by desperate refugees and migrants and the block's governments squabbles on just how to respond to the humanitarian challenge-

It was the question and reactions -as well as compassion, humanity and empathy........of students/children attending a human rights symposium in Brussels, just weeks ago, that really stood out.

The  Maltese student didn't get a clear answer of course. The EU is trying hard to protect children/students, make sure there are safe routes into Europe and stop people traffickers.

But authorities are overwhelmed by the high number of  people seeking shelter to in Europe. And while Europeans are mostly sympathetic to the plight of those in trouble,  ''compassion fatigue'' appears to be setting in.

As the authorities grapple with the refugee challenge, however, children/student  showed another side of Europe :

Caring, trusting and welcoming. Other  suggestions  from   young students/children including the launch of initiatives in EU member states to encourage young people/students  to meet and help-

Refugee children/students to integrate and the need for the governments to pay more attention to the rights of refugee children/students, including unaccompanied minors, when they craft national and EU policies.  

The focus on children/students is important:

''There's a crisis of children/students' rights,'' according to  Michael O'' Flaherty,  Director of EU's Fundamental Rights Agency  [FRA].

The number of children/students crossing the  Mediterranean is incredibly high. 

More than a million refugees and migrants have entered the EU through Greece and Italy  since 2015. Of these, 26 percent were children/students, many of them unaccompanied.

''About 88%  of children/students  coming to Italy by sea were on their own,'' said O'Flaherty

The agency warns of the challenges facing governments   -and the possibilities of violations of human rights      -as they seek to prevent the detention of unaccompanied  children/students ensure-

Their guardianship and prevent children/student  from going missing from reception facilities.

In fact, as governments grapple with the crisis, human rights organizations worry that thousands have gone missing, fearing that they are lost to criminal gangs and  prostitution networks.

Lack of registration, inadequate accommodation, fear or experience of detention and ineffective guardianship can be factors in migrant children/students going missing,'' said the 2017  FRA report. 

''Human rights are under threat across the  EU?, said O''Flaherty,

''But the *goodwill and support* for the vulnerable in many many places around Europe should give us hope.

The Honor and Serving of the  latest Operational Research on Refugee Students continues.

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