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WELCOME  *AND !WOW!*   :   FOR  WELL OVER A MONTH NOW :..........     
YOU don't need a fancy index  to know how happy  the people of Pakistan are now! 

Leaders, Parents, Students, Professors, Teachers, and every Pakistani, here in Proud Pakistan, are just  aglow with delight, over their  newly found peace, Happiness and freedom..

For sure, this incredible nation, is winning its life and death war against Terrorism, and doing it hands down, and then, swirling upwards, towards normalcy. 

It took more than a decade. And, so,  the first opportunity I can muster, I will drop by and meet the Army Chief  and  will personally  convey  The World Students Society's wishes of gratitude and honour.   

This 14th of August is Pakistan's 70th Independence Day. The entire nation celebrates with glee, but will forever remain in debt, to-

Pakistan's First Rate professional army, its wrenching sacrifices, setbacks, heartbreaks,........  and sacrifices; its armed forces, its security agencies, to the very man.

And having said that, the Pakistani nation and history, will never forget its great and brave daughters, and sons,  who rose to the occasion, and pulled the nation from the brink of the  precipice and abyss, and send the world a great message:

The World Students Society and History honors, Students : 

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Ambassador Malala [Noble Prize],  Aqsa,  Saima, Dee, Seher,  Sarah, Eman, Sanyia, Shahbano, Paras, Sorat, Anne, Armeen, Sameen, Areesha, Hadiqa, Tooba, Nina, Zara..........

Hussain, Shahzeb, Haider, Zaeem,  Bilial, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Ahsen, Salar, Faraz, Ali, Umer, Wajahat, Furqan, Awais, Omer/Malaysia, Reza/Canada, Majeed/Malaysia, and of course,...... all students of the world.    

The World Students Society wishes the people of Proud Pakistan every wish and prayer. And right the next day,  on the 15th of August, is-

India's 70th  Independence Day. The World Students Society wishes the people of India its very best wishes for the future. And honors students Vishnu, Lakshmi, Ajit, Rohan, Azad,  for stepping forward to serve their country..     

THE WHOLE WORLD IS  SO SHARPLY AND  DANGEROUSLY  DIVIDED -that every single political consensus seems to fray, nay,  gets torn to shreds almost daily.

Thus, in this very context, the  commercial undertaking spanning the world are going to be no easy matter, as the  market whisperers of  Global giants begin their forward integrations.

The Jiaming Center in Beijing, where  LinkedIn has its Chinese offices; LinkedIn agreed to censoring, but the competition with established social networks like WeChat, it has missed sales targets and failed to attract enough users.

Xu Mengya, a former marketing employee at  LinkedIn in China, said that although there were far fewer  LinkedIn users in Australia than in China, the network there was much more active.

She attributed the differences to a more distinct work-life divide, where people use  Facebook to communicate with friends and family, and LinkedIn with work connections.

In China, she said, everyone uses WeChat for both.

As  LinkedIn  continues to press ahead,    its new legacy    may be less its model for going into China, and instead a willingness to accept a more modest type of success   -underscoring the reality that for the-

World beaters of  Silicon Valley, getting into China is only a first step in what can become a very, very long slog.    

Although it failed to attract the huge number of users that companies like Alibaba  and  Tencent   have,  LinkedIn has attracted   a large number of China's international professional class.

In his departure note, Mr.Shen noted a sign of its success the fact the company had  32 million  users  in China.

While that may be less than  5 percent of  China's total  Internet-using population, a spokesman for the company said it showed the venture was living up to its expectations.

The company has also attracted more than 1,000 clients since coming to China less than four years ago, he said.

''So they haven't achieved nothing, they can congratulate themselves on making a start and not having been lapped by any local competitor,'' Mr. Markin said.

Still, the current and former employees said there were often problems. LinkedIn's ad and recruiting rates are far more expensive  than local competitors, making it hard to sell, according to two former employees.

Simply to get in,  LinkedIn needed to create a new  operation partially owned by well-connected local investors.

Yet the logic also followed that an independent China  business would indeed be more independent, allowing it to respond more quickly to local challenges without the myriad phone calls at odd hours required to coordinate with headquarters.

But the structure also had a negative side.

Benefits and quotas at LinkedIn China were also different from the rest of the company,  sometimes damaging morale, the two people also said.

Ultimately, however, Ms. Xu said LinkedIn's original sin was simply being too late and not necessary enough. 

''The root of the problem is that the Chinese do not need a social platform for work. It is a fact in China that all social activities related to work are on WeChat,'' she said.

''In China,  LinkedIn has turned into a hiring website   -a high-end version of domestic hiring sites,'' she said, referring to the many local sites that specialize in listing job opportunities.

''This has led to a lack of activity because it has lost its social side.''

With respectful dedication to Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Doodles & Dreams '''

Good Night and God Bless

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