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AS VERY BIG TECH CONFRONTS NEW WALLS -the World Students Society never ever, worries not....... rather it glows and glitters. 

The World Students Society is not about market share, profits, and Return on Equity or the Weighted Cost of Capital . It is about the great honor of serving selflessly, voluntarily, the entire world.......... For example :

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So, while in most countries LinkedIn simply runs its network as it does in the United States, in China that proved very, very difficult

In China, many of the people the company wants to attract use only smartphones, and communicate on message apps instead of email. Mr. Shen decided to try a specialized app catering to these patterns.

Yet it had to compete with the entrenched serial networks like, WeChat, and gained very little traction.

In June, the company announced the departure of Mr. Shen and is still in the process of looking for his permanent replacement. 

A LinkedIn spokesman said the decision that Mr. Shen would leave was mutual, and his decision was motivated by a desire to join a more entrepreneurial effort.

Holding LinkedIn back wasn't so much the ferocious local competition or the regular hurdles, but Chinese Internet culture itself. 

Many are simply not in the habit of publicly sharing their professional connections, and it has been hard to convince them, said analysts and those who worked in LinkedIn. China.

A business person in China may blush at making a Rolodex public because it is so personal, and also incredibly valuable.

And publicly updating a resume can be misconstrued by an employer as a signal that an employee is looking for a new job.

Also, with *a corruption crackdown* ongoing in China, showing the relationships that allow business leaders to get things done can be a real, real liability.

As a result, professional relationships are often manged on a more conventional social network that allows for greater privacy : WeChat.

''It may not be so much that LinkedIn is having trouble in China because they're a foreign company,'' said Mark Natkin, founder of tech research firm Marbridge Consulting-

''It's more that they having trouble in China because this is not the model people want to use here.''

Most use Tencent messaging services like originally built for desktop computers -to connect for business instead, he added. That cultural difference has kept a broader swath of the Chinese from joining LinkedIn.

Two former employees said that they had *quotas of posts* they had to write on LinkedIn China's website each week to help boost activity.

One of them, who said she used to write *five to 10 posts* a week, said it often seemed futile because most people used WeChat for professional discussions.

Along wit group chats, articles and even long messages easily go viral with people sharing them between groups, or on their moments roughly the equivalent of a Facebook Wall.

A spokeswoman said the program encouraging employees to post was voluntary.

Selling to customers without experience in international business was often an exercise in explaining why people would want to post their resumes online, one former employee said.

As a result most of LinkedIn's best Chinese consumers were companies with major international operations like Huawei and the drone company DJI..

Xu Mengya, a former marketing employee at LinkedIn China, said that although there were fewer LinkedIn users in Australia than China, the network their was much more active.

She attributed the differences to a more distinct work-life divide, where people use Facebook to communicate with friends and family, and LinkedIn with work connections.

In China, she said, uses WeChat for both.

As LinkedIn continues to press ahead, its new legacy may be less its model for going into China, and instead a willingness to accept a more modest type of success-

Underscoring the reality that for the world beaters of Silicon Valley and !WOW!, ....... getting into China is only a first step in what can become a very, very long slog.

Wit that very insight, *The World Students Society* is ever and more, ready. As for other Big Tech Giants : Well, measuring the depth of their challenges is for them to reason, alone.........so alone! 

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Operational Research on Giants, Technology,..... Markets.... and..... Turnpikes........ continues.

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