Headline September 24, 2016/ ''' WI-FI KIOSKS - *!WOW! KARMA* '''

''' WI-FI KIOSKS - *!WOW! KARMA* '''

*JUST ABOUT ALL*  and every student on The World Students Society has expressed an opinion that since very long-

!WOW!  has outgrown over by over, the blog universe. And it should consider planning a move to the Cloud Constellation. True, all the way! 

So, with this in mind, I add another ember to the inferno, and suggest to Students: 
Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Sarah,  Hussain, Shahzaib, Salar, Bilal, Jordan. Abu Bakr/Sweden, Vishnu/India, Noman Khalid/Gordon College-

Mustafa/LUMS, Toby/China, Reza/Canada, Zain Tariq Hamid,   Zaeem Khan/Roots, Danyial/UK,  - to breeze together a debate-chat.

And over and above,  -this great software genius, Engineer Rabo, should lead the effort of transformation and migration,  and leave nothing to chance, and nothing to error. 

*Aim for the beginning of New Year, 2017, on Clouds*.

The genealogy of democracy traces its origins in Ancient Athens. The concept of  democracy is derived from two  Greek words, demokratia, the root meaning of which are demos [people] and kratia  [rule in the sense of  

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY  -most lovingly called !WOW!, the entire world over,  -is the *true meaning of the Democratic Ideal*.

As a form of an  *outstandingly unique system*, !WOW!  democracy means a form of governance in which contrary to monarchies, and aristocracies- students rule. 

So, in the need to score victories, let's first turn to Wi-Fi kiosks and understand why New York had to retreat after unsavory outcome.   

IN A SEPTEMBER !, meeting at his office, Mr. Johnson said. officials agreed to his demand for a  moratorium  on the installation of additional kiosks on Eighth and Ninth Avenues in his district.

But a spokesman for the mayor, Natalie Grybauskas, said the  Police Department, had not made any official request for kiosks to be removed.

In a statement explaining the decision,  Ms Gryhauskas said:
''There were concerns about loitering and extended use of LinkNYC kiosks, so the mayor is addressing these  quality-of-life  complaints head on.

Removing the Internet browser from LinkNYC tablets will not affect the other great services LinkNYC provides   -superfast Wi-Fi, free phone calls or access to key city services  -but will address concerns we've heard from our fellow New Yorkers.''

Jen Hensley, general manager of LinkNYC , said the consortium that built and operated the kiosks had begun  ''removing the Internet browsers while we look at ways to enhance the service.''

She said those changes could include adding services, as well as bringing back the browsers with limitations on their use.

Ms. Hensley described the process of designing the kiosks as  ''iterative'' noting that several changes had already been made, including turning down the volume of the speakers at night and adding filters to prevent users from accessing pornography.

The latest challenge would not slow the planned rollout of kiosks throughout the five boroughs, she added. So far, above 400  have been installed in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

Continuing to build the network is critical for the consortium, which is relying on the sale of ads on the side of kiosks.

It has pledged to share at least $500 million in ad revenue with the city over the first 12 years.

Despite the efforts to filter out objectionable material city officials have continued to receive complaints about people watching pornography at the kiosks. The filters do not affect Internet access using the  Wi-Fi signals on personal phones or hand-held tablets.

Gale A, Brewer, the Manhattan borough president, who had demanded changes to the kiosks, said she was pleased to hear about the shutdown of the browsers and noted that the free Wi-Fi was the true benefit of the kiosks.

''I don't think anybody should be able to sit there and watch movies all day long,'' said Ms Brewer, a Democrat:
''People are pulling up sofas or chairs or what have you.''

She likened turning off the browsers to the decision during during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s to block pay pay phones from accepting calls. All along Amsterdam Avenue, she said, crack dealers were using pay phones as business offices.

''When we changed the incoming calls, we got rid of the drug dealers at the phone booths,'' Ms Brewer recalled.

*''I don't know where they went, but they were gone''*  

So to sum, allow me to round off on !WOW! Karma: 
In our time, the novelty of the concept of democracy got reduced to quinquennial spectacle.

Demos under democracy are mere numeral aggregates. The current practice of democracy has ruined the originality of this ideal system. 

*Contemporary practice fails the originality of the ideal that is democracy*. 

Democracy as a master system of governance remains a challenging and an unattainable ideal. 

*Welcome to !WOW!*

With respectful and loving dedication to all the Grand Parents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' !WOW! The Ideal '''

Good Night and God Bless

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