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Language enables humans to engage in communicative inter-change to make sense of their lived experience. It's a fact that words give meaning to abstract thoughts while converting certain ideals to intelligible concepts.

*The worlds we use in our daily communication exchanges enable us to articulate our existence*. So, having narrated that, I hasten to add that.... 

!WOW! : And all revenues, all honors, all accomplishments, all scholarships, all sponsorship in entirety,  all authorities, all governing rules and norms, belong to the students of the world. 

The World Students Society is for the students, and run and managed by the elected students from the world over. But overseen by an *International Committee*  of outstanding leaders, chosen by you all.......   

The *Wi-Fi*  kiosks in many modern cities of the world, -like New York, were designed to replace phone booths and allow users to consult maps- Maybe check the weather or charge their phones.

But they have also attracted people who linger for hours, sometimes drinking and doing drugs and, at times, boldly watching  pornography on the sidewalks.

Now, yielding to complaints, the operator of the kiosks, LinkNYC network, is shutting off their Internet browsers, but not their other functions, while it works out a Plan B with city officials.

The switch, announced just recently, is a case study in unintended consequences,  -commendable goals gone somewhat awry. Mayor Bill de Blasio's aim of providing  *modern technology to the masses ran headlong into the reality of life on city's streets*.

After months and months of complaints from residents, businesses and other selected officials, Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, conceded that combining unfettered Internet access with free Wi-Fi  was a recipe for bad behaviour.

The retreat comes just seven months after the mayor introduced the network amid much fanfare as an important plank of his promise to bridge the digital divide in the city.

The kiosks would replace more than  7,500  public pay phones and bring free Wi-Fi  and phone services to every neighbourhood.

Users were expected to make short stops at the kiosks. But the sites quickly attracted homeless people and other idle-users  who took full advantage of the unlimited access to the Internet to turn the kiosks into al fresco living rooms,watching movies and playing music for hours.

''People are congregating around these links to the point where they're bringing furniture and building little encampments clustered around them,'' said Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance, a business group in Manhattan. 

''It's really created this unfortunate and actually deplorable condition.''

Ms. Blair said her organization of Midtown merchants and property owners had welcomed the kiosks as an overdue replacement of for increasingly outdated phone booths that were attracting vagrants and drug dealers.

''We're a modern city; we should have  Wi-Fi,'' Ms. Blair said. ''But when something has an outcome that you completely weren't anticipating, then you will have to go back and reconsider. Maybe other cities don't have this problem.''       

Councilman Corey Johnson, a Democrat whose district encompasses Greenwich Village,  Chelsea and part of Midtown, said police officials had asked for the removal of   ''several problematic kiosks''   along Eighth Avenue.

He said he had observed people watching pornography on the kiosk screens with children nearby.

''These kiosk are often monopolized by individuals creating personal spaces for themselves,  engaging in activities that include play loud explicit music, consuming drugs and alcohol, and the viewing of pornography,'' Mr. Johnson wrote in a letter last month to officials of the city and LinkNYC.

So, to sum this part of the Headline Post, it is a great honor to also quote Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who argued :
'' To make sense of their lived experience, humans engage in language games made possible through pictural references.''

Wittgenstein asserted, ''Every linguistic design is fundamentally an elaboration of our visual experience.''

He believed words triggers  meaning-making  and convey a certain connotation only because they compliment our ability to sight.   

*Our ability to sight may remain constant, but our cognitive abilities evolve through time and we struggle to actualise  certain ideals or even make sense of their practice.

The reality of empirical world while regenerates meaning-making, it also degenerates originality of concepts.

The issue is that process of meaning-making evolves through time and it scythes away the efficacy of the original construct.

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