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The 'Visual Effects'  best known as VFX-  is all BOOMING!! And it's damn easy to see why. And its very very important for Creative and Technology Students to sit up and Listen:

Other than Tom Hank's idiot savant in Forrest Gump and Bruce Willis' spooked phantom in The Sixth Sense, every single movie in the top 10 biggest box office hits of all time owes its success to its special effects rather than its star quota.

The boat was bigger than the babe in Titanic, the cast was dwarfed by the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, and the aliens and spaceships were more impressive than the performers in Independence Day and all four Star Wars movies. And when it came to winning the lucrataive paycheck for fronting British Telecom's TV ads, the rubber puppet from ET beat the charms of little Drew Barrymore hands down

The market in VFX is currently worth more than $ 3 billion. And this figure will double in less than four years. And although it was once virtually closed shop to countries outside the US, the business is now going global. Britain, in which the home grown VFX industry has expanded tenfold in the past five years, currently takes more VFX dollars than the rest of the world outside Hollywood put together

The British slice of the VFX pie is a significant factor in the ninefold increase from $88 million to $805 million in investments in the UK by foreign film producers since 1992. One reason why Britain is such an attractive proposition for the US is budget.
A Hollywood studio can pay over $ 100,000 for a brief visual effect by a US company like George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic,  -still regarded as the industry's benchmark firm   -or they can tender it to a British company for a fraction of the price.

''The UK companies can do it for 60% of the cost.'' said Robin Shenfield, CEO of VFX  company: The Mill, which initially worked purely on the advertising of VFX.
A few years later The Mill expanded into film work with Babe II and went to win an Oscar for its 78 Visual Effects in Gladiator. And he adds an important insight: ''and because our industry grew out of the commercial business, where jobs have to be turned around very quickly, we can also get the job done to tighter deadlines''.

This remarkable post continues as it unveils all the opportunities that the students can avail in the future. Remember Entertainment Industry will be a lucrative and fascinating future employer. Look up Mathematics, Look up Graphic Work.
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And hey, Hey, HEY anyone knows Hive??

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