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I just about keeled over with laughter on the heading. But let me tale up for this.

Hypochondria is an unspoken admission that the end is -at last- believable. More than this, that the end is inevitable. Not necessarily nigh, but inescapable.

You -the heroes, so young and youthful, humming, brimming, and radiant do not feel the chill of the grave in every ache and pain, do not sense the loneliness of the mortuary slab every time you see some of your own blood. But the hypochondriac does.

One super writer put it across as such: Hypochondria is just like golf because you have absolutely no interest in it when you are young  -indeed few things look so much like an epic waste of your time and energy  -but as you get older, this damn golf suddenly starts to look very seductive And hypochondria by then has injected its ugly venom.. Hahaha!

Golf and hypochondria -sometimes you just can't tell them apart. Once hooked, you can most easily squander endless hours on it to no real purpose. Women too are heavily involved in golf and hypochondria, but the greatest practitioners are invariably men. All dimmed to memory.

Truthfully, both Golf and hypochondria are both admission of your own mortality. The golfer has stopped thinking that one day he will be Bruce Lee or David Beckham. He has started thinking about the unthinkable  -his poor knees!! The sports of extreme youth have been put away to gather dust. All dimmed to memory.

Alas! Alas! Sigh!!! Where hypochondria wipes the floor with golf is on the 19th hole. That's were most of you now stand. That's what your Parents and Professors have long since crossed  -so, while most of you will never get to be Tiger Woods. but one day around the middle age and beyond, you will get sicker and then we all die. Because in the end every hypochondriac is proved right.

That to be so sure, is the real real difference between hypochondria and golf. Unlike golf, -with hypochondria you know that, in the end, you will get to play in the Masters!!
Hello, Almighty God!!

With respectful and sincere dedication to all the parents and all  the professors, the world over.

Good Night & God Bless!

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