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The Technology required to achieve such a chicanery used to be prohibitively expensive, and   -if it was available at all. Companies like Industrial Light & Magic still continue to create their own software and capability. Top-end Hardware is still expensive  -the Inferno and Flame units used by The Mill for film and Advertising work respectively cost more than $ 250,000 each   -but several companies now make VFX software that can be run on normal PCs.

One package,  -Shake, made by the aptly named California-based software developer Nothing Real, sells for around $ 10,000/ and runs on Windows, while the RenderMan program used by Double Negative costs around half as much.
''Shake is one of the Software programs that is democratizing the ability to do this kind of work. It is a bit slower than some of the other programs but is a lot less money.''

''The cost of the Technology has fallen rather dramatically,'' agrees Alan Marques. As a Computer Graphics Supervisor, Marques does much of the work on blockbusters such as Lost in Space using computers at his home. ''Its about tenth of what it used to be. We are already seeing better quality effects in lower budget films.''

So, if you didn't like The Phantom Menace, don't worry. In the foreseeable future you will be able to make your own Star War Episodes using your desktop PC.
You won,t even need Actors to populate the scenes  -they'll come as part of the software package.

Robert Zemeckis, director of Cast Away and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, now takes digital scans of all the actors in his movies, and it's only a matter of time before virtual clones of stars are used by Hollywood directors. And for a few dollars, you will be able to use them in your own small screen fantasies.
Fantastic, Fantastic!!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Here come the ''VACTORS''   -that is virtual actors! Well, well, HOLLYWOOD, International Students at the Gate: Star Gazing is on!!   

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Respectful and loving dedication to Hollywood. All Hollywood Stars and Starlets!!

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