Google Nexus Prime Approved By FCC!

Samsung and Google will be launching their next flagship smartphone named as Google Nexus Prime. It is also highly expected that Verizon will also be offering the CDMA version of the Nexus Prime, it may have the name Droid Prime or even a completely different name. But according to a report, it is stated that the device which went through the FCC recognition was the GSM variant and it was named as GT-i9250. Back in August, Android Guys pointed out a support page on Samsung’s website which was not much of a help, as it did not give any clear information about the device, only thing the page stated that the device was real and is coming soon.

On the other hand, the CDMA variant which will be released by Verizon for an undisclosed period of time is the SCH-i515. That version of the device is not been to the FCC, but as many rumors are speculating that the device is going to be launched on 3rd November, so it is also expected that the device will go for the FCC recognition shortly.

As it is highly expected that the Verizon model is likely to be launched first, but no matter whatever the network variant will be, the device will come with the new Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS build 4.0. So, it is also likely that Google is going to release a GSM version of the device right after or maybe alongside the CDMA variant because the already FCC passed version had radio bands which were compatible T-Mobile and AT&T, US GSM network carriers. Following is the image of the GSM variant of Nexus Prime which has been passed from FCC:


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