Hackathron Finalist App 'FaceLock' Comes to Ovi Store!

Nokia has made available the FaceLock app in Marketplace which will be supported by handsets running on Symbian 3. The app first appeared at Nokia World 2010 event. It is a very cool, awesome and authentic lock mechanism, all you need to do is just take an image of your face from the front camera, it will store in the app. Now whenever you want to unlock the device, all you will have to do is just take another image of yours from the front camera, the app will match the both images and will unlock the phone if it is really you. In 2010, when the app was first announced, the front cameras did not usually come in all devices, so, just like the below image, you will have to use the rear camera in front of a mirror which would have been a little irritating.

So, as for now, Nokia is offering the app for free at the Ovi Store. If you are afraid that due to some reasons, if the app does not accept your face, the phone can be unlocked with other ways. Just like, when you are creating your FaceLock account, then you will be asked for a password, which will help you to unlock the phone if there is something wrong with the face detection. According to a post at Nokia’s official blog, FaceLock app will be supported by Symbian 3 devices and it might also work with the latest devices having Symbian’s Anna or Belle versions. We have also found a video showing the demonstration of the app, you can see that at the end of the post.

If you know about the leaked list of apps coming in the Verizon’s model of Google Nexus Prime, that list also includes this FaceLock.apk file which means that Nexus Prime will also be coming with the same face recognition technology. Take a look at the video then:


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