So, What Have You Learned!!??

Student contributor from Nigeria highlights the global phenomenon that students face i.e. they weren't taught to compete the global market in University.

Wiliams Ikenga
Student Contributor, Nigeria

It is a common fact that after right after completion of education the next step in every student's life is-FIND A JOB! But How many of us actually succeed!??

Try calling a university student and ask him some questions dating back to what he had learnt in school-you will find your mouth hanging open and wondering "will this guy ever get employed"??

Having surveyed a lot of university students my findings tell me that most of them are there not with an aim of learning  rather they believe campus is a place for fun. Never studying....to pass their exams... they resolve to cheat!!

When asked what they shall do in future?? How will they get into practical jobs?? They say " What are our seniors for?? Every one gets a job through acquaintances!! And what comes after that?? ah who cares?? "

But for how long is this going to go like this??One day they shall find its all ended...

So learn my dear fellows...now that you have time...study  and learn...make your futures and serve your countries'....

A famous saying goes..
"The more we know, the more we grow"


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