RITIKA SAJDEH - ROHIT SHARMA'S - wife comes under fire over Rafah post. Ritika Sajdeh was forced to delete Instagram post.

In a display of digital activism, Ritka Sajdeh, wife of Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma, joined a chorus of celebrities and millions of common people by sharing the All Eyes of Rafah Image on her Instagram stories.

However, the Internet is nothing if not opinionated, and Ritka's show of solidarity met with such fierce backlash that she ultimately deleted the post.

Netizens slammed her for what they saw as selective advocacy, peppering her older posts with scathing comments that questioned her motives and expressed disappointment. Some fans even went as far as saying they were ''ashamed'' of her stance.

'' Never seen you posting anything for Hindus facing atrocities in Pakistan and Bangladesh,'' a fan fumed.

Another chimed in, '' My eyes aren't on Rafah. My eyes are on Kashmiri pundits. My eyes are on Hindus in West Bengal. Sorry, my eyes can never be on propaganda. My eyes are on real issues!''

Despite her retreat, Ritka's fleeting support for the cause did not go unnoticed. A segment of social media users praised her stance. Comments like '' Respect for you, thanks for supporting Palestine ,''  and '' Thank you for your story on Rafah,'' underscored the approval for those backing the Palestine cause.

The All Eyes on Rafah campaign has garnered international attention, spotlighting the humanitarian crisis in Rafah following a series of devastating Israeli air strikes. On Sunday night, Israeli attacks killed at least 45 Palestinians in Rafah.

The world watched in horror on Monday as displaced Palestinians combed through smouldering rubble with their bare hands, searching for bodies, injured people, or even scraps of food to sustain their families a bit longer.

In response, numerous Hollywood stars have used their platforms to raise awareness and express solidarity with the affected Palestinian population. Prominent figures like Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt,  and Varun Dhawan have shared the All Eyes on Rafah image, amplifying the call for global attention and action.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor, who has spoken up about Palestine previously, registered her protest by posting the new-viral image of refugee tents arranged to spell '' All Eyes on Rafah. ''

According to NBC News, the image has drawn more than 29 million shares on Instagram in less than 24 hours, highlighting a renewed social media push to yet again condemn the humanitarian crisis.

The World Students Society thanks The Express Tribune.


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