Macklemore rules charts with pro-Palestinian '' Hind's Hall.'' Joining the ranks of celebrities speaking up for Palestinians, American rapper Macklemore has found success with his latest offering Hind's Hall, a track that openly condemns the widespread genocide running rampant in Gaza.

According to the Guardian, Hind's Hall is named after the Columbia University building renamed from  Hamilton Hall by student protesters to reference HIND RAJAB, s five-year-old child killed in Gaza.

'' If students in tents posted on the lawn

  Occupying the quad is really against the law

   And a reason to call in the police and their squad

   Where does genocide land in your definition, huh?''

Macklemore raps, referring to the police crackdown against student protests in the US.

Student protesters across college campuses in the US made headlines for standing in solidarity with those suffering in the Middle East, particularly those in Gaza

The World Students Society thanks The Express Tribune.


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