A Bathroom Sign. Re : '' A close examination of the most infamous public toilet in America,'' by Ezra Klein [ column, May 1].

I was recently in a foreign country and entered a cafe to use the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom without asking permission, but was pleasantly surprised to find a nice little sign on the bathroom door that read :

'' EVEN if you are not eating here, you are welcome to our bathrooms. Our hospitality is free, but supplies and cleaning crew are not. Please consider leaving a small donation with the cashier on your way out.''

I did, and told the cashier I thought the establishment's approach was brilliant and civilized. Here is a modest proposal :

Can the City Council and the mayor come up with an ad campaign and or some public announcement suggesting that our restaurants and cafes introduce a similar approach?

I, for one, would be happy to reward those establishments that do with my patronage.

The World Students Society thanks Bob Raber, New York.


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