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AFTER DECADES OF REPORTING on the front lines. - I am awed by the material and moral progress the world has made.

When I step back, what I see over the arc of my career is a backdrop of progress in America and abroad that is rarely acknowledged - and that should give us perspective and inspire us to take on the many challenges that still confront us.

I think of a woman named Delfina, whom I interviewed in 2015 in a village in Angola.  She had never seen a doctor or dentist and had lost 10 of her 15 children.

Delfina had rotten teeth and lived in constant, excruciating dental pain. She had never heard of family planning, and there was no school in the area, so she and all other villagers were illiterate.

A young journalist following in my footsteps today may never encounter a person like Delfina - and that's because of the revolution in health care, education and the well being that we are in the middle of, yet often seem oblivious to.

I HAVE IMPLORED President Biden to do more for the children and babies dying in Gaza. I've been unwavering about the need to support the people suffering bombardment in Ukraine.

And I regularly report on the conflicts and humanitarian disasters in Sudan, Myanmar, Yemen and elsewhere that garner less attention.

Some people see my career covering massacres and oppressions and assume that must be dour and infused with misery, a journalistic eeyore. Not so! Journalism is an act of hope. Why else would reporters rush toward gunfire, visit Covid wards or wade into riots to interview arsonists?

We do all this because we believe that better outcomes are possible if we just get people to understand more clearly what's going on. So let me try with you.

Just 100 years ago, doctors could do nothing when President Calvin Coolidge's 16 year -old-son developed a blister on a toe while playing tennis on the White House court. It became infected, and without antibiotics the boy was dead within a week.

Today the most impoverished child in the United States on Medicaid has access to better health care than the president's son did a century ago.

Consider that a 2016 poll found that more than 90 percent of Americans think that global poverty stayed the same or got worse over the previous 20 years.

That is flat wrong : Arguably the most important trend in the world in our lifetime has been the enormous reduction in global poverty.

About one million fewer children will die this year than in 2016, and 2024 will probably set yet another record for the smallest share of children dying before the age of 5.

When I was a child, a majority of adults were illiterate, and it had been that way forever; now we're close to 90 percent adult literacy. Extreme poverty has plunged to just 8 percent of the world's population.

Those are statistics, but much of my career has been spent documenting the revolution in human conditions they represent.

In the 1990s, I saw human traffickers openly sell young girls in Cambodia for their virginity; it felt like 19th-century slavery, except most of these girls were going to be dead of AIDS by their 20s.

Trafficking remains a huge problem but the progress is manifest. In Kolkata, India, where I've covered this issue for decades, one study found an 80 percent reduction in the number of children in the brothels since 2016.

Two decades ago, AIDS was ravaging poor countries, and it wasn't clear we would ever control it. Then America under President George W. Bush started a program, Pepfar, that allowed the world to turn the corner on AIDS, globally saving 25 million lives so far.

The Truth is that if you had to pick a time to be alive in the past few hundred thousand years of human history, it would probably be now.

But many genuine threats remain. We could end up in a nuclear war with Russia or China ; we might destroy our planet with carbon emissions; the gap between the wealthy and the poor has widened greatly the world over in recent decades.

[ Although global inequality has diminished].

America and India may be sliding toward authoritarianism. And 1,000 other things could go wrong.

'' May God Almighty Help and Guide Us All. ''

The Anxiety, Concern, and even Sadness of this Master Publishing continues. The World Students Society thanks author Nicholas Kristof. He is the author of a new memoir '' Chasing Hope : A Reporter's Life,'' from which this essay is adapted.

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