'' Detailing Nita Ambani's antique jewelry '' :  This beautiful billionaire reportedly dons Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's hand ornament.

Nita Ambani once again graced an event bedecked in a treasure trove of exquisite jewels, with the spotlight on a Mughal-era  kalgi turned bazuband, originally belonging to Emperor Shah Jahan, as per reports by Indian media.

The adornment, worn as hand ornament, stole the limelight at the Miss World 2024 pageant where Ambani was honored with the ' Beauty with Purpose Humanitarian Award.'

As reported by Bollywood Shaadis, the bazuband os worth a whopping INR 2 billion.

Many Indian portals took the word of Pramod Kumar KG, Managing Director of Delhi based museum consulting company, who took to his Instagram page, highlighting the historical roots and craftsmanship of the piece.

In his post on Topophilia India, he penned, '' Shah Jahan, son of Jehangir Shah, proudly proclaim the pair of inscribed spinels highlighting this sarpech [ turban ornament ]; last seen publicly at the AI Thani Collection before being divested at auction in 2019.''

He continued, '' In 2017, ' From the Great Mughals to the Maharajas; Jewels from the AI Thani Collection 'exhibition was mounted at Grand Palais, Paris. I had contributed an essay for the exhibition catalogue titled  '' Tropes of Kingship' on bejeweled heraldic pieces that mark the personhood of sovereigns.

This sleek sarpech was one such imperial accoutrement featured. While the headpiece in its current form seems to have been made in the last quarter of the 19th century [ c.1875-1900 ], the highlights are the two inscribed spinels.

Their age, if the inscriptions are of the time, read - '12 ' Shah Jehan ibn Jahangir Shah / 1049'.

The date in the Islamic calendar corresponds to a 17th century date [ 1639-40].

'' For the unversed : Nita stole the limelight at the Miss World 2024 pageant.''

The World Students Society thanks News Desk / The Express Tribune.


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