TIME TRAVEL : Scott's ' Napoleon ' makes waves. While some question the film's accuracy, others suggest it should be enjoyed.

'' THOSE IN POWER only see me as a brute. Unfair for higher office.'' So goes a line in the official trailer of Ridley Scott's Napoleon. This quote could apply to some 21st century politicians.

However, it is about a man who shaped European history in the late 18th and early 19th centuries..

With actor Joaquin Phoenix playing the titular role, the film is highly anticipated as Scott explores Napoleon Bonaparte's origins, his rapid and ruthless rise to crowning himself French emperor as well as his relationship with his wife Josephine de Beauharnais, played by Vanessa Kirby.

The film also promotes to bring historical events to life - from the beheading of Marie Antoinette to the Battle of Waterloo.

Depiction of events questioned : Some French critics and experts who saw early previews of Scott's Napoleon were less than impressed with the depiction of their most famous historical figure, played by Phoenix.

Historian Patrice Gueniffey told Le Point magazine that Scott '' clearly doesn't like Napoleon.''

'' We are treated to a caricature of an ambitious Corsican ogre, a sullen boor, who is also disgusting with his wife, Josephine, '' said Gueniffey who also took issue with the ''fanciful'' statistics at the end of the film saying Napoleon was responsible for three million deaths.   

Spoilers alert : the film concludes with Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, which Gueniffey took as proof of English-born Scott's '' very anti-French and very pro-English '' approach.

Others felt that was unfair. '' [ Scott's ] view of the man is not flattering, but nor does it ignore what made his greatness,'' wrote reviewer Jean-Philippe Gunet on X, formerly known as Twitter.

There have been grumbles about the historical accuracy of some details. British historians and television presenter, Dan Snow, highlighted some of these inaccuracies in a TikTok clip, arguing that '' Napoleon didn't shoot at the pyramids'' as shown in the film's trailer, while Marie Antoinette '' famously had very cropped hair for the execution, and, hey, Napoleon wasn't there.''

The trailer shows Antoinette with long, frizzy hair and Napoleon present at her execution.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix sums up best : '' If you want to really understand Napoleon, then you should probably do your own studying and reading.''

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