DEVELOPED nations aspire to establish human habitation on the Moon and other planets in the coming years.

Meanwhile, in Balochistan district Awaran, a stark contrast unfolds as its residents grapple with lack of fundamental education.

For over a decade, the educational landscape in Awaran has been bleak, with 90% of schools and colleges remaining shuttered.

The closure of these institutions has resulted in children/students being denied access to education. Teachers are consistently absent, drawing their monthly salaries without fulfilling their responsibilities.

In some instances, educators engage in business activities beyond the district. Adding to the challenge, many villages and towns, despite undergoing tender processes, still lack adequate school buildings.

Unfortunately, there is lack of scrutiny on the irresponsible conduct of these individuals and higher authorities appear satisfied with their allotted shares.

I implore the concerned authorities to take decisive action against absentee teachers, rectify the issue of  school closures and ensure the protection of the future generation by guaranteeing access to fundamental education .

The World Students Society thanks Muhammad Iqbal, Awaran.


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