For The Holidays - These May Be The Very Best Gifts : Wondering what to give friends and relatives this holiday season? Here are ideas for gifts that change lives.

Help Students / Kids Go To College or To Technical School Globally. Another reader favorite is OneGoal, which helps disadvantaged students in the United States complete high school and attend a university or trade school.

OneGoal works with students beginning in 11th grade - 94 percent of them students of color - and takes them through their first year in a postsecondary institution to make sure they are on a path to success.

The coaching and tutoring is transformative. OneGoal students miss fewer days in high school than their peers and are 94% less likely to drop out.

They are 40 percent more likely to earn a degree or technical certificate that will then lift their lifetime earnings and help support their children.

That's how you break cycles of poverty.

It costs $ 1,500 to support a student in the program for a year.

The World Students Society thanks and honours Nicholas Kristof.


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