APRIL 11, 1912. Titanic dinner menu could fetch thousands at auction : There were oysters, salmon with Hollandaise sauce, beef, squab, duck, roast chicken, green peas, parsnip puree and Victoria pudding.

The feast described is not a Thanksgiving  meal but a snapshot of what first-class passengers on the Titanic ate for dinner on April 11, 1912, when the ship left Queenstown, Ireland, for New York.

A menu from that night, with an embossed red White Star Line flag at the top and signs of water damage, was scheduled to go up for auction recently at Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd in southwest England.

Andrew Aldridge, the managing director of the auction house, said that while a handful of menus from the ship were known to have survived, this was the only known copy from the night of April 11, three days before the Titanic hit an iceberg.

It is expected to sell for up to 70,000 pounds,  or about $86,000.

The World Students Society thanks author Derrick Bryson Taylor.


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