Headline, September 06 2023/ ''' GOOD ''!VIRUSES!'' GOSH '''

''' GOOD ''!VIRUSES!''

 GOSH '''

'' THE GREATNESS VIRUSES GLOWINGS ''  : MILLIONS OF PARENTS, Professors, Teachers, beautiful ordinary students and great humans, the entire world over, got sent to me, messages of prayers and respects for !WOW!.

IN PROUD PAKISTAN : Led by the esteemed parents of Engineer Founder Rabo : Mr. Sultan Abbasi and her beautiful mother, Sajida Abbasi, overwhelmed me with love and admiration. And then Mohammed Gulzar Raja - an outclass human enveloped me over all this time - with supreme love and reverence.

FOUNDER JUNIPER and her colleagues and friends, came all the way from Japan, to pay respects and discuss matters relating to Strategy, Operations and Tactics. Founder Hussain Ali attended the meeting. 

And then Qazi Amjad Manzoor, the blessed father of Founder, Barrister Hamza, UK, made elaborate calls and messaged every prayer and gratitude.

The world at large has come to the realization that The World Students Society is mankind's only hope for solving the world's problems. !WOW! carries more '' intellectual capital '' than any organization in the world. Our struggle for building a better world is eternal, and will never end.

The World Students Society rises to give Mankind, the Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world a standing, resounding ovation, and assure them of unseizing and relentless work. SO HELP US GOD ALMIGHTY!

REASONS TO CHEER FOR CELLS AND VIRUSES. The Amazing Story and Forgotten Promise of the Phage.

IN THE 1910s, more than a decade before the discovery of penicillin, the self-fashioned microbiologist Felix d' Herelle was growing diarrhea-inducing bacteria in his lab.

A scientist of few credentials and uncertain birth - no one knows if he is French, Belgian or Canadian -d'Herelle hoped to start an epidemic - of the runs among a plague of locusts in Mexicoand thus kill them off.

WHILE CULTIVATING his deadly microbiological soup, he noticed something strange. A mysterious entity had left holes in one of his thin films of bacteria. He took samples from within the holes, spread them on other plates of bacterias and got the same effect - MORE HOLES!

He knew he had something, but what was it? The culprit, it would later turn out, was a phage, a kind of virus that '' eats '' bacteria.

While recent events have provided a painful reminder of the very bad viruses that prey on us, Tom Ireland's '' The Good Virus '' is a colorful story for the oft-neglected yet incredibly abundant phage, and its potential for quelling the existential threat of antibiotic resistance - which scientists estimate might cause up to 10 million deaths per year by 2050.

Ireland, an award-winning science journalist, approaches the subject of his first book with curiosity and passion, delivering a deft narrative that is rich and approachable.

In the hands of d'Herelle and others, the phage became a potent tool in the fight against cholera.

But, in the 1940s, when the discovery of the methods to produce a penicillin at an industrial scale led to the ''antibiotic era,'' phage therapy came to be seen as quackery in Europe and America, in part, Ireland suggests, because antibiotics fit the mold of capitalist society.

CAPITALISTS love patents. A funny quirk of the patent system is that you cannot patent entire natural things, but you can sometimes patent the way you extract their byproducts.

The first antibiotics, being the secretions of fungi, were easier to patent in the United States than phages, which were whole viruses.

EARLY microbiologists often harvested phages from one patient and gave them to another who was suffering from the same disease, but there was no easy way to separate the good virus from every other possible contaminant.

Phages also work best against specific species of bacteria, so they were less effective than antibiotics like penicillin, which can attack a broader array of pathogens.

Phage therapy had a better reputation in the Soviet Union almost out of ideological spite, especially after super power rivalries turned Western Penicillin production methods into a Cold War secret.

Phage potions flourished in Tbilisi, Georgia, where d'Herelle's work had inspired researchers to set up a state-funded institute. Ireland tells the fascinating story of how phages harvested from German corpses helped the Soviets defeat the Nazis when cholera broke out during the siege of Stalingrad.

The phage did have some champions in the West. The biologist Betty Kutter, whom Ireland calls '' the first lady of phages '' lives in Olympia, Wash, in a house built to resemble an icosahedral plague head.

In 1996, Kutter, who worked with the institute in Tbilisi, extolled the virtues of Soviet-style phage therapy to a journalist with Discover magazine.

Such treatment was not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so Georgia became a mecca for desperate American and Western European patients with biblical-sounding infections.

The institute is still up and running : This summer, hundreds of phage scientists assembled for a conference in Tbilisi, where phage head sculptures line the streets. 

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Cells and viruses, contines. Don't miss reading : The Good Virus : The Amazing Story and Forgotten Promise of the Phags by Tom Ireland.

With most loving and respectful dedication to Mankind, the Great Leaders of the world, and then parents, students, professors and teachers.

See You all prepare for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society - for every subject : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter X - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

Good Night and God Bless

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