'' Inflationary Pressures '' : I see that the newsstand cover price of a printed edition The Economist in Britain has increased from Pound 6.99 to Pound 7.99 over the new year, a rise of 14.3%.

THIS is clearly inappropriate at a time of fiscal and monetary prudence. 

A price rise of this measure will fuel inflation further as readers seek higher wages to compensate and other publications make similar increases.

WE MUST all make sacrifices as, after all, we are in it together [ or perhaps not ].

As such the Independent Price Review Board here [ that's me and missus ] has decided to make an extremely generous offer of an acceptable 4% increase, over three years, in the price of The Economist.

However, we expect this rise to be accompanied by increased productivity and an end to outdated working practices at your newspaper.

YOUR CORRESPONDENTS will have to cover at least two continents and double the number of words they write. 

Furthermore the editorial staff will have to display more rigorous analysis of current events so that we do not have to read such nonsense as '' The beginning of the end of Putin '' [March 3rd 2012] and predictions of oil at $5 a barrel [ ''Drowning in Oil,''  March 6th 1999].

Many of these changes could be accomplished by publishing more letters from readers.

The World Students Society thanks the author Stephen Lacey, Chelmsford, Essex.


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