LAWYER ZAINAB KHAN / Kings College & Europe, as beautiful a mother as she is human, most caringly and graciously sent a donation for '' Educational Development Center '', North Nizamabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

As both requested and instructed, the said donation was forwarded to this concerned organization through a bank branch transfer, with the WhatsApp receipt forwarded to her for her record.

The original would now be handed over to the Founder Framers through Syed Hussain Ali for day, date, time stamp for posterity.

The World Students Society - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world, is very grateful and honored by this donation.

A NEW ERA OF GRACIOUSNESS, kindness and help has begun.

Thousands by thousands of beautiful humans and parents from the world over, have sought advice and offered financial assistance to The World Students Society - in this case, for the students of Sindh.

Star Founder Framer got her basic schooling from Sindh. And then, so did the initial visionary dreamers, this respected Pitaffi family of Sindh. For acts of so many kindnesses and much respect, Dr. Anne [UAE], Paras, and Sorat stand out.

So for me, this has been a matter of great inspiration. In line with that I have the honor to offer the esteemed government of Sindh my illumination and clear thinking, and a lending helping hand of !WOW! as follows :

1.- Display the scope of work.

2.- Consider accepting a nominee of The World Students Society on the project with a veto power on all capital expenditures.

3.- Hire and allow relevant students to build a ''monitoring and evaluation'' framework.

4.- Agree to display the MIS [ Management Information System ], updated on daily basis, and up on display in the public domain 

Should we be able to ''reconcile the total optima,'' The World Students Society will lend every conceivable financial support .

The World Students Society thanks all the parents the world over for their prayers, honours and support.


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