New programs abound for ages 6 to 10, but parents can join the fun. Here are some marvellous Podcasts with children in mind.


''The past & The Curious'' - This delightful and humorous history show will introduce you to some of the lesser known stories and historical figures of the past.

''Short & Curly'' - Each episode of this Australian show examines an ethical query. For example, ''Should robots replace humans?'' or ''Should we censor stuff on the Internet?''

''David Williams' Marvellous Musical Podcast'' - Classical music becomes endlessly entertaining in this 10-episode series about music and the composers who make it.

''Mystery Recipe'' - Molly Birnbaum, the editor in chief of America's Test Kitchen Kids, which develops recipes for children, challenges listeners to learn about one surprise ingredient each week, and then adds them up into an interactive cook-along finale.

''Homeschool History'' - Greg Jenner, a British historian, delivers fun, factional and funny history lessons in this BBC series for the entire family.

''Book Club for Kids'' - a group of young readers gather to discuss a new book in each episode, with guest stars who read excerpts from the featured books, as well as authors who discuss the craft of writing.

''Brains On!'' - The host Molly Bloom and a rotating roster of child co-hosts explore science topics from dinosaurs to viruses, through interviews with scientists, comedic, sketches and interactive games.


''Unspookable'' - Not just for Halloween, this podcast provides satisfying explainers about scary stories, myths and urban-legends like Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie and Ouija boards. Recommended for children and up.

''Greeking Out'' - From National Geographic, this series retells favorite Greek myths in a modern [ and child friendly] way, and includes an interjecting smart speaker to check the facts.

''Stoopkid Stories'' - Stories about seven young, Black characters who face everyday challenges and adventures.

''Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls'' - From the popular book series, this podcast shares the biographies of incredible women, read by other incredible women. Shorter episodes feature interviews with celebrity readers themselves.

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