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ON THE FUTURE OF THE 'ATTENTION ECONOMY' : WONDER what would be the total value of NFTs on The World Students Society. For Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Zilli, Hussain? Be that, whatever it may, the entire value belongs to !WOW!.

Twitter's C.E.O., Jack Dorsey, recently sold an NFT of his first tweet for nearly $3 million. So, in The Ecosystem 2011, the Heroic Global Founder Framers are very fascinated with how NFTs make us rethink how we conceive of assets in the digital world.

If a short, authenticated video clip of LeBron dunking - something anyone in the world can see on YouTube - can become a valuable collectible, it seems poised to force us to reconsider deeply held notions of value.

On March 13, Lee Jin sold a GIF for $25,000. A link to the moving image, which was assigned a unique bit of code as proof of authenticity and stored on the blockchain, was purchased at auction via the cryptocurrency Ethereum and sold in 24 hours.

Depending on whom you ask, the transaction is an example of a thrilling new path for ownership in a digital world that allows creators to sell things directly with no intermediaries, or it's a total scam.

The most bullish argue transactions like Ms. Jin's could be the beginnings of a brand-new version of the Internet, while detractors see it as a reckless, overhyped speculation market and an ''ecological nightmare pyramid scheme.''

The GIF Ms. Jin sold, created by her childhood friend, an artist named Annie Zhao, is an example of something called a nonfungible token, NFTs are essentially digital collectible items {GIFs, images, memes, games, code, videos, artwork, music, games even text} that people can buy and sell and trade.

Almost any piece of digital content can be made into an NFT and have its public documentation of ownership recorded on the blockchain.

Some of the ideas behind NFTs - documentation of ownership and chain of custody, scarcity, trading, valuations and speculation - are as old as markets. The innovation is the is the decentralization, which in turn means you can take NFTs anywhere. No one platform or middleman controls them.

The most popular example of NFTs come from TopShot, a marketplace the N.B.A, set up to sell highlight reel of LeBron James recently sold for $200,000. In the art world, an investor recently bought an NFT of illustrations by Beeple, a digital artist, for $69 million.

Twitter's C.E.O, Jack Dorsey, recently sold an NFT of his first tweet for nearly $3 million. Just today, colleague Kevin Rose decided to mint his most recent column [on NFTS] as an NFT.

For Ms. Jin the auction was an experiment to explore new frontier of the attention economy. As a venture capitalist, Ms. Jin focuses her investments on businesses in the creator space, which is loosely defined as individuals whose influence and fame originates from online platforms.

She's a deep believer in the power of technology and the Internet to empower younger generations and build careers - she described the allure of influence to me recently as ''monetizing individuality.''

As someone who routinely gets excited about new technological frontiers, I remain deeply skeptical of the NFT craze. A big reason is the worrying environmental impact of NFTs and other blockchain projects, which require large amounts of energy for their computations.

Another reason is the creeping concern that the NFT art market is being bolstered by crypto investors to inflate the fad. Sometimes the whole thing feels like an elaborate prank. Then there's the decentralized ownership claim, which some suggest is suspect, given that some NFTs rely on the longevity of specific websites.

Most of these concerns, of course, [especially the last one], are disputed by NFT evangelists. But what are we paying for when a GIF costs $3 million?

This seems like another maturation of the economy, where anything can be sliced up, repackaged and sold.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Digital Assets and 'The Attention Economy', continues. The World Students Society thanks author Charlie Warzel.

With most loving and respectful dedication to the Heroic Global Founder Framers, and then the students of the world on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! -The Ecosystem 2011. See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on !WOW!.

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