Celebrities are always in the public eye, be it for their professional endeavours in personal life. Often looked up as role models, they need to be wary about everything they so and do.

Likewise, a bevy of Hollywood stars, who have vowed to work towards greater good, serve as an inspiration to their fan base the world over.

From Priyanka Chopra promoting small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic to Deepika Padukone using her public platform to raise awareness about depression, the charitable work of these renowned personalities cannot be overlooked.

Compiled from Filmfare, here is a list of B-town A-Listers who are working day in and day out for issues that may seem meagre from afar but are undeniably serious.

Priyanka Chopra

Following the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, many people across the globe lost their jobs. In light of this, PeeCee took to her social media accounts and announced she would be using her stardom to promote female-run businesses, both in India and the United States.

''We all know that people around the world have been incredibly affected by this pandemic, and that includes small business owners. My heart really breaks to see these businesses shutting down or letting go of loyal and hardworking employees.

So, I really want to highlight some female-found businesses that we can all support, and hopefully help them get back on their feet.'' Living up to her promise, the Quantico star has been giving shoutouts to various businesses since.

Karthik Aaryan

If there is one thing we all realized during the pandemic, it was the relentless hard work and determination on the part of frontline workers including doctors, policemen and social services.

Kartik took the initiative of lauding such individuals through a new fangled series on his YouTube channel, titled Koki Poochega.

In the series, Kartik was seen chatting with multiple unsung heroes of Covid-19.

Deepika Padukone

Having suffered from depression for the past many years, the starlet knew the pandemic would inevitably take a toll on the mental health of many around the world.

The creator of the Live Love Laugh foundation, Deepika created a section named 'Guides' on her Instagram highlights. Through this, she encouraged those fighting mental health conditions to connect with their loved ones, embrace their uniqueness and take up activities such as meditation and exercise.

She also started the hashtag ''#NotAshamed'' to help people to speak up about the evils they are battling within.

Dia Mirza

The UN Environmental Goodwill Ambassador for India kicked off her web series :

Down To Earth With Dee, during lockdown.

In the first episode, she conversed with her Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein co-star R Madhavan. She also brought a leading environmentalist onboard including Pradeep Sangwan [Founder of Healing Himalayas foundation] and Vivek Menon [ Founder and CEO of Wildlife Trust of India]. 

Way to go girl, you can save the world!

The World Students Society thanks News Desk : The Express Tribune.


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