The UN adopts a resolution urging equitable access to vaccine.

UNITED NATIONS : The UN Security Council gave unanimous approval Friday to a resolution calling for improved access to Covid-19 vaccines in conflict hit or impoverished countries, diplomats said.

It was the second resolution on the pandemic passed by the council since it began a year ago.

In a rare gesture, it was co-sponsored by all 15 members of the council, diplomats said.

''We are all facing the same threat, the same pandemic and international cooperation and multilateral action is needed.one diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

''This resolution could be a step in a good direction.''

The resolution required just a week of negotiations to draft, and its passage suggests the international community is moving toward unity that has been scarce since the health crisis began.

It also hints at a warming of relations here at the UN between the United States and China since President Joe Biden took office in January.

Thorny issues remain, such as the origin of the virus in China and how transparent China has been in its explanations of the outbreak.

''Now, especially because of the changes in the US, I don't see this issue to be as controversial as it was in the spring,'' said another diplomat, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

He was referring to the arrival of Biden and a change from the harsh anti-China rhetoric of Donald Trump, who spoke of the ''China Virus'' or ''Kung flu'' and said China was to blame for the once in a century health crisis. [AFP]


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