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!WOW! AND THE STUDENTS OF PROUD PAKISTAN avail themselves of the honour to invite every single student of the entire world to come calling for a holiday. Pakistan offers unique, diverse, romantic geography and history for tourism.

NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD offers so complete a blend of landscape - from glaciers to alpine forests to plains to plateaus to pretty beaches to deserts - stony and sandy.

NO OTHER country in almost 1200 kms, across its length captures so much diversity in languages, cultures, food, dress and racial multiplicity that Pakistan does. Nowhere is history so much in peace, as it is in-

In the Buddhist stupas of Swat, Talkh Bhai and Shabaz Garhi in Mardan or in modern day Hund village on the banks of Indus in Swabi District, where armies of Alexander crossed the river.

And we have Lahore.........the rajdhani of the only Sikh empire. But the romance of history for another time.

The turquoise waters of Gwadar Bay, west Gwadar near the Gulf of Oman, here ''Victoria Cottage'' was built for Queen Victoria [1819-1901] in anticipation of her visit - can take your breath away.

So would the inhabitants of nearby local villages in Gunz are with blonde hair and blue eyes ........ reportedly the descendants of survivors from a Greek shipwreck some centuries ago.

The virgin beauty of the coastal highway from Uthal To Gwadar and west towards Jiwani with earth formations along the way; the Kelmat Kor, the bight in the Arabian Sea with tree groves and blue waters; and the incomparable splendour of beaches in Kund Malir and Gadani - with green sand - would knock you off.

The Astola Island in the Arabian Sea and Pishukan Beach near Gwadar with its tree lines, deep ravines are other gifts to Pakistan.

A short 20 kilometre division from the coastal highway in Makran would take you to Khor Kalmat, a lagoon formed by the Basol River. And you are in a different time and space.

How many of you know that the East and West Bays [Dami Zar and Padi Zar] of Gwadar Port were used by the British in the World War as R&R [Rest and Recreation] stations for their idyllic beauty, besides placing their seaplane squadrons.

History buffs can marvel at the beautifully carved graves of some Arab warriors near Kund Malir and in Makli in Makli near Hyderabad.

The centuries old juniper forest in Ziarat, Loralai, would take you in a fragrant haven, with its beauty multiplied under a crisp moonlight after winter snows.

The enchanting apna der Valley - called little Kashmir; Minapin and Gupmit villages; the lush Shigar Valley enroute to the K-2 base camp, all in Gilgit-Baltistan [G-B] would lift your spirits like nothing would. The entire G-B is on fire during autumn when trees change colours.

You would be enchanted by Raati Gali lake in AK's Neelum Valley with snow cupping its verdant banks and glacial melt during its fresh waters.

Sunset on the Indus in Swabi; and the Sheeingal Valley in Upper Dir [K-P] and other sites are just not to be missed. Travelling on Khyber Rail Safari from Peshawar to Landi kotal in Khyber District with the rail track crossing the Peshawar Airport, is like going through a time tunnel

To sum, - even Pakistan's deserts are just so prettier than you can imagine. Over the virgin sand dunes in the Nara Desert way south of Rahim Yar Khan, you can see your footprints buried in the sand by the gentle breeze.

The sky at night is fathomless, glowing and glittering like fine jewels and beckoning.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Proud Pakistan, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Inam Ul Haq, a retired major general having interest in International Relations and Political Sociology.

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