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When NASA's Perseverance rover came to rest beneath a butterscotch sky on Mars, the World watched the landing unfold on a live stream through Zoom - with the world outside encased on ice, the trees like pieces of crystal.

An ice storm had passed through a week ago and the temperature showed no inclination to rise. The deep freeze of February felt like a fitting backdrop for this particular rover's arrival on Mars.

The goal of the NASA's mission is to uncover a once-animated world. Perseverance will collect samples of Mars for eventual return to Earth, rocks that might hold fingerprints of relic microbial life. For at least the next 787 days, the rover will explore Jezero crater, the site of an ancient river delta, in search of molecular fossils.

Early in the solar system's history, Earth and Mars were remarkably similar. Four and half billion years ago, both planets had molten births, roiling with the heat accretion, blooming with magma. Their surfaces then cooled into rocky crusts, replete with water and geologic activity.

As life was was getting started here, during that hazy time when chemistry gave way to biology, Mars was also a friendly environment. Rivers coursed across its surface, protected by a magnetic field that was spun into existence by the planet's core. Volcanoes lofted greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, blanketing the planet with a warmth.

But when Perseverance touched down on Mars last Thursday, it came to rest on a parched, cold planet. Exposed bare rocks strewed across the quiet landscape. A dust as fine as cigarette smoke swirled in the sir. With luck, the rover's microphones captured the sound of the wind, the first sound ever recorded from the planet's surface, although because of the thin atmosphere, even the most howling gales may sound closer to a whisper.

Surprisingly, places as frigid and inhospitable as the Martian desert are perfect for uncovering traces of life.

This is precisely why the search for ancient life brings us to a place as cold and unchanging as Jezero crater, on planet where fluid erosion has ceased, where there no plate tectonics to churn the surface and swallow the geologic record.

Perseverance is not likely to find anything as complex as Bryophyte, but it may still uncover traces of ancient microbial ecosystem. Our early days on Earth have almost entirely disappeared, but on Mars, the past is entombed.

Millions of people watched as Perseverance touched down, and most of them did so in their own state of dormancy, isolated by a pandemic. May of us did wonder at this feat of human ingenuity, how much of the world we knew here on Earth will survive our current circumstances.

But delightfully, when the first panoramas of that distant place beam, even if they seem vacant and lifeless. we'll remember why we're there and what Mankind is searching for, and from that take a little comfort.

It's easy to overlook the enormous possibilities that can be preserved in such a lonely landscape.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on mankind's accomplishments, continues.

The World Students Society thanks author Sarah Stewart Johnson, an associate professor of planetary science at Georgetown University who has worked on NASA's Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity rover teams. She is also the author of ''The Sirens of Mars : Searching for Life on Another World."

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